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Negative comments on Infurn are so true !!

I'm posting here because this is the last step before i refer the case to the european consumer center !
I made an order for 294.13 euros which i cancelled right after seeing the shipping date. I received a mail from Infurn telling me that my refund will be done after 30 business days. I waited... and waited... Then, i had a phone contact with Infurn 30 business days later, hoping that i could finally get my refund back, but i just get the excuse that the financial departement is really busy, and that my refund will arrived soon.
It's been 2 month now, and after mailing with no responses, and one and only phone call in two month that i hardly succeed to get ; still waiting and really upset !
I'm wandering how this seller is still in activity when we read all the negative comments... I'm fed up with waiting, and if i don't get back my refund, i will no more send mails to infurn, but i'll go straight to the european consumer center !

Thanks for reading this, and hoping that every one here will find a solution.

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11 December 2013

Reply from Designfurn LTD (

Hello Sabrina,

Thank you for your review on Trustpilot, and we have looked into your order details today.

It shows that you placed the order on 7th October and decided to cancel by the next day as you were not willing to wait for the standard advertised delivery time.

Although you sent 4 emails in quick succession and whilst the Customer Service Team do aim to respond within 48 hours, they did confirm acceptance of the cancellation by the 11th October.

We acknowledge and apologize that your refund is overdue, and have taken the matter up with Finance to confirm the refund action, and trust there will be no need to resort to other measures.

Although there have been some negative comments, Infurn is a company that has expanded rapidly and in a very short time. To have achieved this has brought many challenges and we are aware that whilst certain aspects may still need improving, but behind the scenes many positive changes are continually being made on a daily basis to ameliorate the shopping experience, and this may not always be immediately apparent to the Consumer.

Ultimately Infurn is in existence just because we are still delivering top quality, eye-catching products at very affordable prices to some 300,000 Customers.

Kind regards
Valerie - Customer Relations Adviser.

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