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I'm so glad I did not write a positive review after the first 2 webchats as it did not solve any problems. My parcel was picked up by the courier on Monday the 25th November at 1pm. So happens I chose Myhermes through Parcel2go to send this parcel to Northern Ireland as this lady has bid and won a toy stroller through ebay. It was my usual courier guy that came to picked up as he usually delivers all my other parcels from NEXT, DP etc. So all fine and dandy. I didnt think nothing of it.
Monday 2nd of December, I got a message from the buyer asking if I know where her parcel is. I checked on the online tracking on Hermes & Parcel2go website, both stated Friday 29th November at 4am out for delivery.
Date Time Status
29/11/2013 11:26 Awaiting Courier Receipt
29/11/2013 04:16 Out For Delivery
27/11/2013 16:27 Hub Sorter Receipt Scan
26/11/2013 14:33 Sent to myhermes central hub
25/11/2013 13:00 Collected
25/11/2013 04:29 Pick-Up Request Manifested

Tuesday came, the buyer messaged me again as she still hasn't received it.
spoke to a representative, all she said was they will update me between 24-48 hours. Wednesday came, still no emails as it's been 24 hours. so tried my luck again, webchat with the same person, told me the same thing 24-48 hours.
I was very stressed out by this time and my husband helped me to ring Parcel2go and also Hermes & Myhermes. The same agent spoke to my husband on the phone and basically told him the same thing, there is no updates, she doesn't know where the parcel is waiting for updates. She offered CLAIMS form.
My husband, who works in delivery company himself, won't give up. he remembered there's a Hermes depot near his work place and he walked there during his lunch hour to try his luck. He was very lucky that they allowed him in and the staffs there were fantastic and helpful as it was not meant for walk-in customers/enquiries. They managed to track the parcel and told my husband it is at the Hermes Belfast Depot. So I told the buyer and asked if she is able to get to Belfast but she said its more than an hour's drive away, so not really easy for her with her 3 young children in tow. She also tried to ring the next day and all they told her was your company will email me. No emails still I decided to webchat again. This time I could not hold it in anymore and just wanted the number of Hermes Belfast Depot, that was all I asked for as there was still no updates, no one could tell me anything. I remember the names of all the representatives I spoke to, and I had to be passed on to another lady because the first one ran out of the same excuse to give me. I was told Parcel2go do not have any courier depot numbers, all they can do is just communicate to their courier through email.
I was told to wait till Monday. After this webchat, I was again sent a CLAIMS form through email. Monday came, through webchat, still no updates. I decided to fill in the CLAIMS form. Tuesday the claims were being reviewed and I had to submit proof of how much this lady paid on ebay, proof of collection and proof that she did not receive it. Yesterday I had 2 offers for compensation, If I opt for payment through BACS I get exactly what the buyer paid for. If I opt for 'pre-pay' I get extra £5. At first I thought, ok Parcel2go is willing to give me extra £5 to compensate me for my lost item, and the rest for the buyer. BUT NO, the pre-pay was to be paid into Parcel2go account for future bookings through them. I must be crazy to even look at their website ever again. The buyer has been sympathetic and understood that I have tried all I could. If I can fly to Belfast myself, get that parcel from the Hermes Depot there and deliver it to her, I WOULD! but then why did I pay Parcel2go for?
I have refunded the buyer her money and who is going to give me back my item? it was brand new in box, not used, unopened.
so its unbelievable for me to see all these 5 star ratings! The buyer has said that if it still at the Belfast depot, if she has to she will try to drive there to get it herself- if someone can now confirm properly to her.
My husband works in a delivery company and has explained to me. by looking at the tracking updates: which Hermes delivery person did that delivery on Friday the 29th of November, obviously has it and didn't return with a signature and hasn't tried ever since or the parcel has mysteriously vanished in the depot. If you can find this parcel and deliver it to the buyer, I will happily give u back the money you compensate and the buyer has said so herself she rather have the toy for her little girl as its a Christmas present.

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