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Prestige Flowers

It all works: web site, ordering process, payment and delivery!

Easy to navigate web site. Used it a couple of times and never had any issue. Check out with PayPal: a blessing when in a rush.

Great "Same Day Delivery" service. Can't remember whether I received an email or text message (soon) after the flowers have been delivered.

The flowers are nice and fresh. Very well packed too.
The simple glass vase could maybe a little bit cheaper though.


Smooth ordering and delivery of stuff that works

Ordered a MR MINI 900/1800 mobile repeater from this company after having an online chat with their salesperson. Ordering and delivery went smooth.

I actually was following an old link, saved in Evernote, to a FemtoCell device.
The website was so honest to say they had stopped selling these devices as most people returned them. Next I got hooked up to the salesman on chat watch.

Wished the salesperson had helped me a bit in thinking ahead about the length of the cable that runs from the antenna to the repeater. The standard length of 10 meters just bridges the minimum distance to avoid interference between antenna and repeater. I was told that if there would be an issue I could return the order within 30 days.

I've created now an online account and requested that my previous order will be mentioned when I log in online. Good to keep track of dates etc. Also requested via an online form whether it would be possible to swap the standard 10 meter cable for something longer.


Like music from a musicbox

Ordered a musicbox for my almost 6 year old daughter. It arrived within a few days, very well packed in recycled packing material. One of the stickers on a drawer could use some glue but overall very happy with the purchase of what was maybe after all the cheapest musicbox in the wide range. Good communication from the seller too.

The site offers everything for the musicbox lover. Even the bits to make one yourself!


Value for money when looking for Dutch (comic)books

Palinda.nl is a web site that sells comic books, collectable books and related curiosa. All work on offer seems to be in Dutch.

The materials found on this simple site stand out both by it rarity and quality. By the time I discovered the site I was tired of browsing eBay etc. finding maybe what I wanted but then being told delivery abroad was not possible. Not so on Palinda.nl.
The site is very simple: there is no Search function. One has to browse page after page to discover pearls and long forgotten stories. Ordering is also kept simple: email the site owner the reference number(s) of the books you want to buy. Deliver worldwide. I paid by bank transfer. Email communication is excellent.

It's certainly not the cheapest site though but my experience is value for money is offered for sure. The books I ordered were in pristine condition. The packing was very sufficient. I've had expensive books delivered falling out of thin parcel wrapper. Not so with the pearls you order from Palinda.nl: the box is very sturdy, enforced with wrapping tape. The books pampered inside all have their own pouch and/or additional boxing. This made me happy. Maybe the guy who sold me the books didn't like my flavour of reading but at least he understood these books meant something special for his customer and he most certainly did all he could to get the goods in excellent condition to me.

I received the books from The Netherlands within days after completing the order.


So bad - So sad

Dareth Health Care (London, UK) - http://www.darethealthcare.co.uk/

This company took over when the Council privatized care to my elderly mother.
It is to be avoided.
* "Carers" don't show up or only after having spent 10 min talking outside.
* "Carers" don't vacuum clean as paid for because "there is no bag in the VC". The VC is bag-free and it says so in big characters on it.
* Food disappears from the fridge and freezer. On one occasion like 32 frozen meals vanished and mysteriously re-appeared after threatening to get the police involved. (!)
* "Carers" try to take my mother's mobile so when I our their boss would call they could fake being present in the apartment.
* "Carers" don't stick to the care plan: at 4PM still in pyjamas and in bed.
* Communication with the company is horrible. There is no follow up or barely. Tried letters, registered mail, email, fax, landline, mobile, SMS.
* They charge up to 2 hours a month above what is agreed (no contract) in spite of sending them several times reminders about the agreed number of hours. It is extremely unlikely their carers would have been present, let alone done any work or spent quality time with my mother. No written confirmation, even when requested, is ever received. Actually most of the time no reply at all.
* Items break because of neglect: e.g. food is left to dry in a blender.
* The absolute basic is done, if the carers came in. Little or no communication. Just a meal in the microwave, blender and gone. Extra paid hours for cleaning don't seem to have resulted in much: we lost half of the deposit because of the state the carpet was in.

They did manage to organize transport to the hospital on occasion but overall it seems to me a money-grabbing company, unable to attract quality carers (except 1 in the last weeks) with apparently good connections with people in the Council. AVOID !!!!

All About-the-home

Excellent communication - Swift delivery

Bought a fold-able electric bike from this company. Although this company is selling a wide range of things the web site was easy to navigate and the check-out even offered PayPal payment.

The price for the item was pleasantly lower then found elsewhere on the web making it more easy to decide to buy from a re-seller that appears not to be specialized in bikes.

One is kept very well informed by email about how the order is being processed, when the bike has been assembled, when it is shipped and when delivery can be expected.

When contacting Support regarding who could sign for delivery a reply is received within hours. I asked if it would be possible to change the name on the invoice to the name of my friend on whose behalf I had bought the bike and who likely can claim back the VAT but never received an answer to that question. Maybe the invoice is still in the mail.

The bike arrived fully assembled, addressed as requested to my friend. One tiny screw, holding the light, was missing but that was maybe because the staff at our work place had placed the box with the bike inside upside down. Delivery was free as the order was above £200.

An excellent experience. Nice company to do business with. If the site had offered "You Might Also Want..." suggestions we might have bought as well a carrier bag, a bike lock and a front basket.

Tuneup Software

Lots of useful features - Nice company but keep innovating!

If you assess this company you mainly assess the one product they have: their software packed "TuneUp Utilities".
Used this program for years on an ever increasing number of PCs. It looks like and "interface program" and more technical friends tell me this indeed: Windows has all these functions incorporated. Still, running TU does seems to have a good effect on the PC and it is always good to get the feeling to be in control yourself (even if TU is doing the job in the background at least it gives pop-ups about the things it sorts out for you).

The latest version (2012) adds features that go beyond defragmentation, clearing out the register etc. Turbo-mode once configured turns you ancient laptop back to where it was: speedy but maybe without some features that did not exist when you bought it.

One can keep the software running for ever: the license never expires. One can either upgrade to a newer version or opt to buy the latest version e.g. to install on one more PC. Update or new: the license goes for installation on 3 PC. Updating or full new installation goes smoothly. Older versions are always kept available on the TU web site. That is a great service that respects old customers.

Why not 5 stars?
The module to fine tune your Internet settings has not been updated ever since. In stead of running an online Internet access speed test the user is still asked to provide these detail themselves. I keep struggling with the difference and conversion between Mbps, KB, MB etc. This should be different.

With all computers under my care I need a lot of licenses. Some go back years; one has been upgraded but a number are from year x, an other number from year Y etc. In the early days I printed the registration code out. Now I keep a copy of the email in Evernote. One License goes for 3 PC. Licenses get uninstalled and recycled on other PCs etc. Administration becomes a job:which license goes with which PC; which upgrade code has been used on to top up (upgrade) which original license etc.
Maybe TuneUp Utilities could (like e.g. Symantec) provide an online license tracking account to its users? That could help; already because it would only centralize information like registration codes and upgrades used, I would think.

It is not just about designing with each new version a new interface.
Innovation and keeping customers close are a must too.

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Couldn't be faster and more correct

When I initially tried to order the payment via PayPal failed. I checked next SkateHut.co.uk profile on TrustPilot.co.uk and was shocked about all the bad comments. Found myself lucky my order had failed.

In the next few days I looked around but did not find an other site offering what I wanted for such a good price so after a few more days I sent them an email to get some help on shoe sizes. They replied promptly and to the point.

I decided to place an order. Using PayPal so I always could file a complaint if things turned out really as bad as some on this site have reported.

Filed the order. Received both from PayPal and SkateHut within no time an order confirmation. Theirs with much details.

If there still is such thing as Next Day Delivery Skatehut knows what it means: the stuff arrived very soon. Well packed and again with a very detailed invoice.

My item came with a free tool that I had bought as an addition. I guess SkateHut could have mentioned that more clear on their web page. That would have saved the hassle of requesting a partial return and having to go to the post office. Anyway, SkateHut replied again promptly to my request to send an item of my parcel back. Clear instruction given.

Two days after the item was returned PayPal informed me SkateHut had reimbursed. That must have been on the day they received the item back.

100 percent happy with SkateHut: great items, good prices, fast and well packed delivery, perfect customer's communications, speedy reimbursement. I wish they sold all the other stuff I buy online as well!


Most weird & blunt sales approach possible

My first order with this company kept being pending so I contacted their customers' service and was told ... my birthday was not what they had on record after cross verifying the data I had provided(!). When I was asked over the phone what my birthday was and after giving the only date I could think about I was bluntly told I had (once more) given the wrong birthday.

I argued that I had used a debit card to pay for my order; not a credit card. No avail. Yes, there was money enough in the account.

To my desperate question which service they had used to cross check "my birthday" I was told they could not disclose that information. When I insisted arguing that I had to correct that information also to avoid future like problems, I was most helpfully told there were only 3 companies providing this sort of background information. "OK, which one did you use?". "We can not give you that information".

I still argued we just had gotten a mortgage on a rather large second home and hence had gone through a thorough credit check by the bank. No use.

I asked them next to fax or email them copies of my birth certificate, my driving license and my passport. "We can not accept those documents". Baffled I uttered that in that case it was impossible to do business.

It is the most weird and blunt sales approach I have ever come across.
Placed my order elsewhere and have never looked back.


Best elderly care alternative after the own family care?

When it became too difficult to organize our own carers to go in to help my mother with her daily needs we got in contact with Home Instead and they have been very helpful indeed.

Their service provides continuation of care. If needed the care packet is reassessed and adapted in full coordination with the family. That relation, to work out things for the best, works out very nice. It is all rather informal: over the phone; no written contracts but there is nothing to complain about.

A case manager follows everything up nicely and if there is something he gets in contact and he is also at all times available (phone, mobile, fax, email). If the case manager is on holiday: his proxy is aware of everything and up for the job as well.

The carers are much loved and their work fabulous. I think they even do more then just their jobs.

The monthly bill is very clear and detailed. As it should be.

When I get old I hope my family will take care for me, if needed. The service provided by Home Instead might be the best alternative to that.


Bad communicators, no quality controls either

Although they have an interesting assortment we came out of using their service long time ago.

Initial orders came through well but the last order, to be delivered at a pick up point, failed time after time to arrive. It was hard to trace what went wrong; we actually never found out and the company didn't seem to bother either. Way too much time we had to spent emailing to get reimbursement.

Bad communicators, not apparent interests in quality controls either.

PixMania did an amazing in-depth research to find out what happened 4 years ago to my order: they had logged the issues as having forgotten to send out a delivery email.

I was promised a credit to my account but have not heard from them after agreeing to that offer. Maybe an other email got lost?

19 July 2011

Reply from www.pixmania.co.uk

Thank you for your review.
I am sorry for the problems you have had with your order. This is not our usual service as we try to ensure that all orders are received by our client on the promised timeframe.
I invite you to contact me on rachel@pixmania.com with your order details so that I may investigate the reason it was never delivered to a pickup point and ensure that you are refunded.
Kind regards,


Ambivalent name for a good service

Easy web design to find perfumes that are sometimes hard to find.
Good interface to check out too: your money vaporizes like their perfumes :-)

Quick delivery in any amount; well packed too.

The name of their web site is a bit ambivalent but we have used this service a good number of times and we keep going back to them.


(1) They are OK; just very paranoid - (2) Downgrade to 2 stars

They have interesting stuff but not always in stock.
Although I pay through PayPal they keep asking me, sometimes repeatedly, to provide scanned recto-verso copies of my business credit card and other proof of id. That is my main issue with Expansys.com.
Although I have placed, and finally received rather huge orders with them, they keep asking me over and over to proof my ID, address, relation to delivery address, copy of driving licence,...
The other time I faxed them 4 times 12 pages of ID-stuff. In the end I still had to upload scans to their secure server.

Today, after repeatedly emailing them to which they reply with their usual request of identification, I got a sorry: my less then 50 Pounds item will be send soon. This after placing my tiny order almost 1 month ago and 2x uploading recto-verso creditcard, many emails with explanation about my relation to my own business (see web site: "Staff"; my pro-email address, used,...).

They are OK; just very paranoid.

Above review rated 3 stars - I downgrade to 2 stars: see review 14 July 2013

Review 14 July 2013
Ordering by Next-Day-Delivery doesn't seem to make much sense we noticed a couple of times. The ExpanSys Support is very remote in tracking and helping out. Our just assigned Account Manager couldn't do more to trace a never delivered SSD hard drive then emailing "Can't do anything. We sent it".

More recently I ordered 2 items for next day delivery.
Nothing showed up once more. When checking my order status on the Expansys web site it said one item was not in stock but that if I paid something like another £6 the item that was in stock would be send to me straight away.

Apparently their stock management isn't too good or it doesn't reflect any soon on their web site. Anyway, I think it was a rip off to pay for next day delivery and then not receiving anything. Daring to ask even more cash for a partly delivery was over the top. ExpanSys should have contacted me one of the items was not in stock and reimbursed my Next Day Delivery fee. I canceled my order and got the items from Amazon.co.uk overnight. Only for specific technology, hard to find in general web stores, I intend for now on to look at ExpanSys.


Easy service - Pushy at check out - Perfect results

Good interface to create e.g. business cards, calendars, posters,... with the help of a bunch of templates.

They keep copies of every item you ordered; thus only when you order within a certain time frame... If you wait a bit too long you will have to re-created the whole thing and the time they give you to order is a bit pushy if you run a business yourself.

The check out process is a bit of a hassle: be careful only to buy what you intended in the amount you intended. They keep trying to add items, to pump up the amounts of items etc. That's an approach I don't like a bit.

Outcome: perfectly printed, accordingly to own design.
Many delivery options too: fast or cheaper. Well packed: calendars in individual casing etc.

Greenham Regis

Perfect service - Perfect communications

Popped into their Itchenor Shipyard office after having heard good things about this company. I was hot and maybe confused after having driven a long time on my own too.

Odd story too: "Bought a boat nearly 5 years ago. Want to upgrade its electronics but don't know much. Rip it all out or just install the minimum for now? Bring the boat over or send the parts to a wharf abroad?".
The guy (Sean), who had been working on a desk before I tornadoes in, listened, went through brochures with me,... I learnt a lot.

Back home after having gone through the pile of catalogs, I placed my order by email. Got a quick reply once it reached their headquarters: the outlet in Itchenor was not really involved but I am convinced they would have build the equipment in in the best possible way.
Their HQ (Kelvin) dealt with my requests and final order very swiftly.

If they could send the equipment straight to the wharf abroad and get direct in touch with them to enquirer about additional parts they might need over-there? No problem. I got copies of their emails to the foreign wharf. I got options for sending the stuff: fast or cheaper.
They even emailed me the details of when and to who the equipment had been delivered!

A very good experience. Smart move from me to stick to a dedicated company with a good reputation ;-)

If I upgrade my boat further I surely hope to work with Greenham-Regis Marine Electronics again.

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