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City Link

Rude, lazy and incompetent

I ordered a golf bag from Amazon and my hart sank, when I realised City Link was delivering it, my company stopped using them recently after many, many problems so I was no novice to their exploits (that how I know about this website) I got my elderly mother to stay in and luckly she was walking by the door when a card came through the letter box (a rare thing according to this website) she quickly hobbled (she is disabled) out to the van and a asked if she could have the item, he moaned that he could see her moving about in the house but didnt come to the door when he knocked !! She pointed out he didnt knock and he became quite rude when he said he would have to find the item, however said nothing when she said that didnt he just have it in hand when he tried to deliver it.

Motto of this story, Don't buy large items from Amazon, while they use this so called "Company"

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