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Rude! Do not open a child's account if you do not share the same last name.

Last month I tried to open a savings account for my 10 year old daughter. I had previously opened an account for my 14 year old daughter without any problems. I am not a customer but for various reasons this is the bank we choose. My daughter and I went equipped with a passport for her and a passport, driving licence, several bills and a credit card for me to prove identity.
Everything went well until the woman we were dealing with had to get the final authorisation from her supervisor. This woman came into the room and told me I had to prove I was my daughter's mother as i did not share the same surname as her. I felt insulted but agreed that I would return the next day with my daughter's birth certificate (you cannot get a passport without a birth certificate and as the passport has a photo I thought that this would be enough.)
The next day, I handed over the certificate (which incidentally does not include details of parents) and I asked for a copy of the company policy that asked for this identification. It was duly copied and the woman returned and gave me a piece of A4 paper with a bullet point and three lines on it showing the company policy.
I asked why I had to prove my relationship with my daughter and I was told the following:
- I do not have the same last name as her but my husband could open the account for her without any problem. I pointed out that on this basis so could his brother, his father and his sister-in-law.
- She said she did not share a last name with her husband but they had given their children both their last names to avoid this confusion. Perhaps I should do the same!
- It is to protect everyone from money laundering and terrorism. I asked if my daughter looked like a terrorist and if the £10 a month I was going to put into a Young Savers Account would be sufficient to fund a bombing cell.
To be fair, I made a complaint and received an apology from the bank. However, it still really hurts that I had to prove that I was my daughter's mother, even though I don't think I have done that, surely only a DNA test could prove that.
I do wish that I had not started the process.

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Ordered a camera one day, a phone call to clarify the next day and a couple of days later the camera arrived. The price was competitive, the person I spoke to was knowledgeable and charming and the whole process was efficient. Highly recommended.

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I organised for a washing machine to be delivered, installed and the old machine removed for my parents who live 160 miles from me. The installation was perfect, the man delivering and installing the machine kept in touch me letting me that all was well and that he had explained the wash programmes to my mother.
However there was a problem and the next day I had to arrange for an engineer to return the following day. I expected the same level of contact ... I did not hear from anyone.
I called several times asking for information - nothing!
I wanted to warn my parents that someone would be there at a certain time - nobody called me back. The phone call I received was that the job was done. I had by this time taken 45 minutes chasing answers. It sounds like a little niggle but I was 160 miles away and I wanted to know that everything was alright. If they could not provide the answers they should have said so, rather than setting up an expectation and making me call, call and call.
In summary, brilliant if you are buying and asking for an installation but hope that you do not need a follow up appointment.

12 December 2013

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Hi Tracey

Thanks for your comments.

I'm sorry to hear about the issue regarding the connection of your washing machine and I can understand your disappointment.

If a customer has paid for connection and experiences problems, we will arrange for the driver to go out and check the connection. Unfortunately we cannot advise of a time as the visit will be during the drivers deliveries that day. As the run is planned the night before, the driver will contact the customer in the morning of an estimated time.

However, if you have experienced a problem with the appliance and we spoke to the manufacturer to arrange an engineer to call, it would be down to the engineer to call you with an estimated time.

Here at we pride ourselves on providing a fantastic service for our customers and we are disappointed if a customer does not feel they have received this.

I have tried to find your order but have not been able to do so. If you would like to email this to me at the address below, I would be more than happy to look into this matter further.

We're open between 8am and 10pm daily to help you and can be called on 0844 3249222, or through an email to We look forward to hearing from you again soon.

Many Thanks

Michael -

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