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Lying and duplicitous

Avoid this company at all costs.

Their web site said the package had been delivered but it hadn't. When I rang up they said that it hadn't been delivered but had been transferred to a different vehicle because the package was too large (odd, as it was only an X-Box... i.e. not large at all). Three days later it turned up, delivered by a sub-contractor. The box was entirely mashed, with contents missing and including some additonal content (presumably transferred from someone elses mashed box). The sub-contractor said that they only delivered parcels on behalf of MyHermes and that when they picked them up from the MyHermes depot they were always mashed. I suspect that MyHermes offload mashed packages onto a sub-contractor so they came deny responsibility for the damage their own staff have caused to the parcels.

Have tried to get some answers out of them but they make it as hard as they possibly can.



I ordered the wrong version of the product I wanted (entirely my own fault). These guys replaced it with no questions. Exemplary service. Very fast delivery. Nice people. Highly recommended.

Battery Force


Perfect. Batteries.


Avoid at all costs

We had a business broadband account with Nildram. Worked perfectly for years. Then Talk Talk bought them and pretty soon we started to experience regular total failure of service during office hours. These brought work in our office to a halt. Dealing with Talk Talk was a nightmare. Very, very hard to get to speak to them, and a confusion of different companies (just who are Opal?) and login systems.
In the end we cancelled the service, but even this proved hard. It was difficult to find out just how to cancel it and then they lost all record of our cancellation. They attempted to claim money for us saying we had not given a months notice. This was untrue and all down to their rotten records and service. Now they have passed the debt of £25 to a credit agency that seem to think it is worth ringing us once every two days to try to claim the paltry amount.

Talk Talk really are the pits. There are other companies just as cheap who also offer some semblance of customer service. Choose one of them. This lot just don't give a hoot.

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A perfect transaction in virtually every way

Ive used Titmuss numerous times. Choice of goods, cost, speed of delivery, clarity of service are all excellent and ca't be faulted.
The web site (or possibly web site host) needs some attention though as the web site has been so slow as to be unusable a few times recently.

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