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I would buy from Tyremen again and have recomended them to my friends

Tyremen supplied me with 4 Audi alloys.

First the not quite so good: The website says: “There is a small chance that they have picked up the odd very small knock in their warehouse or when the tyre has been removed, but this is rare and because the wheels are full silver paint has no effect on the life of the wheel finish.” I also range beforehand to check on this point.

I would say the rims I received were in excellent to good condition. Excellent = no marks. Certainly, as far as I could see, 1 rim was pristine (a tyre had been fitted – but that was clearly stated on the website – so no issue therewith). The other three rims did have marks where the tyre had been removed. Tyre removal can’t have been done with great care because I would not expect an alloy outer edge to be marked on removal and at first I was a bit disappointed (3 out of 4 marked rims does not sound like “small chance” or “rare”). Certainly the paint had been removed and the outer edge of the rims had one or two small indentations. Was I just a bit unlucky ... ? I did spend a little time rubbing those down and applying alloy paint.

And now the really good: Whether I really needed to ‘decorate’ the outer edges is debateable. Certainly, with tyres fitted, the wheels look great and only on the very closest of inspections can you see the marks; basically, you would not notice. So, for the money, they are terrific value and I’m really pleased with them.

Couple of other points; Tyremen offer a tyre fitting service, but I managed to beat that locally by £20 so, while potentially convenient, you may be able to do better (there was no Tyremen affiliate local to me, so I had no alternative but to shop around).

Otherwise, one of rims got lost in transit (it was a sad moment when the delivery man turned up with 3 rims). Tyremen could not have been more helpful. I expect they cannot have been happy about a rim going AWOL but, if so, they hid that well and organised another wheel PDQ. It arrived the following day. So top marks for service.

All in all – I'm very pleased – and I would definitely use Tyremen again.

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