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Yale door

2 great doors, quick, easy, good deals

I was looking to buy a new front door because everyone else near me seemed to be taking out PVC doors and changing them for composite doors. But no-one had found a supplier that they had been pleased with.

When I found the Yale Door site it seemed easy, and because I only needed to pay £95 with the order I gave it a go - in fact given that there was £300 off a second door I ordered a back door too. I didn't really expect the door to be fitted in a week, but that wasn't important to me. The survey was done the following morning, and fitted 4 days later - v.impressive.

The doors themselves work really easily, they feel very solid and secure, and they seem to look better than the others nearby. All the door furniture matches and there aren't different coloured bits that other composite doors seem to have. Next door but one are now thinking about changing their 6 month old composite door for a Yale Door (with keyfree!)


Really bad setup service

I recently moved house and gave BT 4 weeks notice that i was going to want to be connected on the day i moved in.

I was told that this wouldn't be a problem, then when I got in i was told that the system had failed and that it would take another 3 weeks. This also wasn't achieved. I was without connection for 5 weeks, and then i get told that the '10 day stabilisation period' is the reason why I no have such bad connection rate.

That sounds like rubbish, but we will see!!


Why should I have to pay because they cannot serve me?

I moved house about a month ago, and unfortunately to a house that has absolutely no O2 signal at all. Despite my having spent over £100 per month every month for about 7 years with O2 - and having had my home broadband with them, for me to close my contract it was going to cost me nearly £700.

I appreciate that the contract is the contract, but I would have thought that some form of offer/proposal may be appropriate given that the reason for the change is that they can no longer give me any service!


What was once great is now slipping away

It seemed that when Tesco's delivery service started it was really effective, and the result of an operation that was getting a lot of focus within an organisation with massive means.

It now seems like the massive means is bored with the delivery service, and their is not a lot of effort into making it right. If i went in to the shop i would not select the produce that is going to fall out of date soonest, yet when i go online it seems that his is what you get automatically. Substitutes will always happen, and that is the luck of the draw - my biggest bug bear is getting stuff delivered that only has a couple of days left to be used.

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