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Quite Disappointing

This review is more to do with the kind of people on Badoo, rather than the service itself (which I found to be decent, overall).

Let me say that if you're looking for a dating site where you can meet serious people, who are approachable and would genuinely be interested in you, this is not quite it. When it comes to helping people find a companion, Badoo is flawed in one major way: it encourages too much competition over user-popularity -- so much so that it becomes like a game, where users only seek the most amount of attention from people, and lack any genuine interest in getting to know them.

By the way, when I mention "users", I'm really talking about the females. Good luck trying to converse with them; it's as if they desire (or perhaps expect?) one to be conversational genius before they would deem you meritable of their royal attention. And even if you somehow manage to get them to respond to a greeting, and then miraculously succeed in starting up a conversation, they show no intention of putting any effort into sustaining it. So it ultimately turns into something like an interrogation, if nothing else. I don't know, maybe it's because they have their vanity fed to such an insatiable point with a flood of "Want to Meet" requests, or other messages of the sort in the chatroom, that in the end their arrogance is just the natural outcome. Or maybe they want a more sexually-charged and "vigorous" first impression of you, in your initial approach. Whatever the case, it's all very undignified since you are expected to be everything other than who you are, if you wish to "meet up" with one of Badoo's self-prized damsels.

I still have my membership, and I'm yet to see how it all turns out. But at the moment I can't be more pessimistic about finding a normal woman on this dating site.

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