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the tshirt was poor quality cracked logo, I am in mid return phase

the tshirt was poor quality cracked logo, I am in mid return phase. Also as its 'vintage' look its so much smaller than the usual size medium

09 January 2014

Reply from Superdry


I’m sorry to hear of your disappointment with your purchases, we pride ourselves on retailing goods of the highest quality and such complaints are treated with the utmost importance.

I can advise that the logos on most Superdry t-shirts and hoodies are designed to crack and fade, as this is part of the distressed vintage look that is synonymous with Superdry. Over time and continued wear the effect will gradually become more distressed, which is normal.

Kind Regards

Superdry care


Nabru - great concept appauling customer sevice!

On Tuesday 31 May, 2011 I placed an order for a corner sofa. I received the palette on Saturday 4 June 2011. I instantly discovered that two integral pieces of the sofa were broken in transit, and that no instructions were supplied either. The pieces were broken due to such tight packaging as they were the tallest two pieces pulled tightly inwards by the ‘cling film’. When I called Nabru on the Saturday I was told to call back on Monday, wasting the fact I had taken Saturday off from work.
On the telephone to Nabru I was not apologised to, at all. I was even told “the parts were fine when they left us” by two members of staff, which I felt was in fact accusing me for the damage to the parts. I actually insisted a return, but my partner called up again to accept the re-delivery of the parts instead and he was told by the man “why should we refund the delivery to you when you may have broken the parts yourself” This is absolutely insulting, why would we break our own sofa?
Frustrated and at the point where I wanted to return the whole sofa, when I asked for a refund I was also told that I would have to be in before 6pm on a weekday for the parts to be collected, a point which was not acceptable as I cannot take this time off work. It is beyond belief that Nabru would lose my custom of almost £800 for the sake of not refunding the £35 delivery. Practical matters such as not having any sofa for my family to sit on is the only reason that I have kept this sofa, and I have no confidence in the service I will receive if anything goes wrong in the future under the two year guarantee. I truly wish that I could have cancelled altogether and taken my order to another company who would have welcomed my custom.
Now that the sofa is assembled (days later, many phone calls, insults and stress later) it looks good, but you can see it will wear down where the notches meet, the top of the chaise part knocks off easily already. We also discovered the storage tray we paid £15 extra for is not there, when I emailed Nabru they have said "Chaise part shut be empty, so is fine." There was no hello, no apology, and no refund just an 8 word response. It makes no sense. Be aware with Nabru you are literally dealing with 1-2 rude people in their warehouse/showroom.

We went to the their warehouse to view the sofas and hence why we went ahead and purchased - we just didn’t realise this one person would be in charge of sales, customer service, returns, all contact. It is so frustrating that they can take your money, then not deliver what you asked for, and you have no power to get your money back.
All in all they have robbed me of the £15 for storage trays, £35 for delivery and treated me awfully. (and have proven how cheap and breakable the pieces that make up their sofa’s are) Nabru - great concept appalling customer service!

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