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Abysmal customer service and misleading

I had a complete nightmare with this company. Firstly selling me a tv pre delivery inspection that is supposed to check for banding and clouding, on three seperate tvs recieved from there there was both banding and clouding present, im sure the tvs were never actually checked. This service is misleading, they should tell you when you purchase this that tvs wil still have banding and clouding even after the checking process.
They also mislead me, I wont use lie as thats a strong word but mislead me in a number of ways, they said they would swap the tv for another brand, we went to the showroom as they told us another was reserved and waiting but when we got there they said there was no tv reserved and refused to swap the tv. A wasted trip that made me very angry.
They also refused to swap the last tv as they said it was in the manufacturers tolerance levels, even though it was similar to the other two I returned. I also took photos which clearly showed the problem.However I contacted the manufacturer who sent engineers and they could see the problem straight away and swapped the tv. They said it was not normal and should not be like that.
Who performs these checks at direct tvs il never know, but they shouldnt be in a job.
Lastly I wasted so much money on phone calls as the company said they would ring me back but never did so I had to ring them.
If you buy from this company and I would strongly reccommend you think twice, then dont pay for the useless pre delviery inspection and dont expect any decent customer service.
Will never buy from them again, pay a bit more and use a company that respects its customers and does not mislead them. In my opinion the worst company I have ever bought from.

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