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City Link

Delivery driver was rude, abusive and VERY unprofessional

Although I have never been a customer of theirs, I had a rather horrible encounter with one of the couriers from City Link this afternoon. I was at home doing work, minding my own business until my intercom phone rings. I answer the phone and I speak to a guy who says that he has a parcel. I asked him who the parcel is for and he said it's for my neighbour in number 70 (I live in number 68).

I told him that I don't take in parcels for my neighbour and he was like: Why don't you take parcels in for your neighbours? to which I replied: I don't take parcels in for my neighbours because it's their mail and it should go to them and if they can't deliver it then they should rearrange delivery or send it to the delivery office. He started getting arsey about it and was like: Just let me leave with you. I said no once more and he come into the building and leave the parcel outside his flat door.

He came up the stairs and was on the phone to one of his friends and started bitching about me. He said something along the lines of: I've gone inside a building because some bitch said she doesn't take parcels in for neighbours and that's mean. As he came down the stairs, I was stood at my door waiting for him and he smiled and waved at me. I said to him that if he's going to bitch about me, he could have at least waited until he was out of the building so I wasn't within hearing range. He started shouting at me by the top of the stairs saying that I'm a bad person and that I should help my neighbours. I told him that I'm going to find out where he works and get him fired and he started shouting stuff and I was like: F*ck you, you c*nt and slammed the door behind me.

At the time, I didn't know the courier was from City Link. I went upstairs as he left the parcel at the door and went to see if the courier details were there and it was. I called City Link and spoke to them about it. The agent I spoke to was lovely and said that he logged the complaint for me, has identified the driver and will call me for an update (within 24 hours apparently). I don't know what action they will take on the driver so once I know what they've said then I'll spread the word. Either way that driver is going to regret his actions and I hope he gets fired (Christmas or not).

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