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Too bad

No flights to or from Linz or Salzburg (AUSTRIA).


Totally unnacceptable

Tried to deposit money with bank account: not possible. Tried to deposit money with PayPal: failed. Tried to deposit money with MasterCard: failed. Contacted customer support. They asked me my "four digit security number". Gave it to them. They replied the country my IP address was tracing to didn't match the country I have registered as my residential address. Explained I'm Portuguese and the bank account is from Portugal, but I now live in Austria, so I changed my registered residential address to Portugal to try to make the deposit work. Additionally provided all relevant information about my cards and bank accounts. They never replied back. Meanwhile have won 500+ EUR with bwin without a hitch, be it with deposits or withdrawals.



The customer service is very helpful and I get all the information I need. I can only recommend this company to others. Excellent service.



Almost everything usually goes well (apart from some scam attempts). The items usually arrive in one week. Good customer service and items are generally good.



The items usually arrive 2/3 days after ordered (at least those ordered directly from Amazon). The customer service is very helpful and I get all the information I need. I can only recommend this company to others. Excellent service and fast delivery.

Pen Heaven


I have already placed several orders with Pen heaven, all of them engraved ballpoint pens. Good website, fast service, and total satisfaction with end product. Only complaint is that it is hard to change the delivery address and impossible to change the billing address, which can create problems with the payment if the payment method you choose has a different address associated, which can ultimately prevent the customer/user from ordering anything (which fortunately has not happened to me yet). Other than that, I have no complaints or problems to report, I recommend it.

Update: Penheaven has replied my review explaining me how to change the billing and delivery addresses. I appreciate the attention and support, but I am afraid it changes nothing, because the reason why I could not change the billing address was not because I do not know how to do it (I am a CompTIA A+ certified IT professional, I know my way around), but because it was simply literally impossible to do it (believe me), possibly due to a bug. The feature is there and I used it, but it simply did not work. I ultimately had no other choice but to go ahead with the transaction and hope the different billing addresses registered in my Penheaven and PayPal accounts would not be a problem, and fortunately it was not.

09 June 2011

Reply from Pen Heaven

Dear Filipe,

Thank you for your feedback. After entering your billing address details at checkout, you have the opportunity to choose a different delivery address.

Alternatively, you can visit the 'My Account' section on the website where you can store different billing and delivery addresses.

I hope this information is useful to you.

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