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Just contacted BT to get a copy of my contract as and they refused me!!!! After being their client for 3 years my contract ended and they automatically put me trough their month to month basis which will cost me more than double the price i used to pay without sending me any notification about this. I now have to pay cancellation fee plus another month usage at the price they want to charge me because i did not cancelled the service within 30 days. None of this was mentioned at the time I accept the service from BT. BT Customer service is really bad. just had a chat over the phone with Katie who told me I need to pay to have a copy of the conversation I had accepting the service ( I swear i TOUGHT i would have all the rights to have a copy of my own contract this with bloody company) I also had an online chat withTracy who basically told me this is my fault for not chasing them for the contract. Very bad service, terrible customer service, they don't care about their customs and don't mind losing clients. I will never use BT again and will make sure that none of my friends will be ripped off by this company the same way i did. Without mentioning that my first contract I had to pay more than what was agreed on the phone with the sales person and after receiving the first bill i REQUESTED a copy of the conversation I had with the sales person to confirm the price but unfortunately this was deleted from their file and there was nothing for me to do, pay to cancel the service for 2 years of contract or go ahead with the service. IF YOU ARE THINKING OF BT PLEASE THINK AGAIN AND AVOID HEADACHE!

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