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friendly but useless customercare

Everybody makes mistakes, it's even generally accepted. The consequence, however, is to make them up again. Looking the other way is unacceptable!

Thehut.com charged my CC double for the same order. It was during x-mas for a hard to get article. The order got delayed, i got a voucher, so that's allright. But after finally receiving the stuff late in January, i noticed the doubled payment.

Now i am trying to get a lousy 30 quid back for months. There is this Chris guy who is really friendly (maybe because i am just as friendly...) But he doenst seem to have a button or dropdown-selection for my kind of problem. I am still in the send-product-back-and-we-refund-you loop.

One time i thought i was out of that constricted situation (maybe Chris was ill?) and someone asked me to send my CC statements. Sadly after that: radio silence. I think i wrote down the problem four or five times by now. All with the same friendly course of events untill they stop caring.

Ordering at thehut was flawless for about 300-400 Euros until I needed their customer care service. So feel free to order but dont expect their help if anything goes wrong.

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