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THIRSK STONEACRE. Salesmen and sales manager are totally untrustworthy. Regional Manager is extremely poor quality and unable to deal with simple problems. These cowboys lied out of their teeth to sell my partner a second hand car. After waiting 2 months for the FSH Book which the salesman had in his hand on the initial meeting but needed to bring the stamps up-to-date I decided to get Trading Standards involved. Their story dramatically changed then. They then said the car was sold without a FSH!! This leaves us in a situation of not knowing about any previous problems with the car, it could be a cut and shut for all we know and it would not surprise me if it was from these low quality people. Trading Standards, who to be honest did not seem to put much effort into this matter, explained that without having anything in writing that they could not do much about it. Take a look at the sales staff and determine whether they look trustworthy to begin with, these guys don't. They are the most unprofessional low class bunch of traders that I have come across. Their area manager hides under his stone and prefers to do absolutely nothing about a problem than to try and solve it. I will endeavour to find out who his superiors are so that I can leave some feedback for him. If you have no option but to deal with these cowboys then I would get them to put EVERYTHING IN WRITING before handing over your cash otherwise they will simply rip you off as they managed to do with my partner. Hopefully what goes around comes around.

15 November 2012

Reply from Stoneacre

Mr. Stead has received the service history for the car ( delivered personally by the Regional Manager ) All cars offered for sale are HPI checked, and a 'cut and shut' would never be sold to any retail customer. A copy of the HPI can be made available to Mr. Stead if he would like to see it.


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