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The prices they quote are different than the price you pay!

I have been with Virgin for around 6 months and thought that they would be good.
Well the service is good but their prices are not. When I joined they said my Broadband and Phone would be a certain price, but when I got my first online bill the price was much greater. They also have increased my price package by a considerable amount recently.
I recently received a phone call from one of their reps to ask if I would like to have the TV package....the guy sounded like a Dalek!
I will stay till my contract runs out then go elsewhere, but where?


Very good company to deal with.

I always like to shop around on the internet before making any purchase, and find that most of the time Amazon prices are the most reasonable.
I am always worried about how the items I purchase are packaged, but no need to worry here as the packaging is superb just like HMV, 2 great online companies indeed!


Why bother to write reviews for online HMV? Write them here!

I have purchased many things over the years from the HMV Online Store and have had no problems what so ever.
I used to write reviews on some of the items I purchased and they always put them out for others to read, but recently they don't put anything I review out. I just do not understand as my reviews are always in favour of their products and service?
Well this morning I received an order from HMV, it's a DVD set of 4 discs for the Channel 5 series 'Stobart Trucks and Trailers' Series One.
I cannot fault their packaging and prompt delivery service I would say ''EXCELLENT'', and the series is well presented on 4 discs in separate slim cases and all fits snugly in a slip case. I am looking forward to watching this superb series and hoping that Series 2 will soon come out for sell. Who will I be placing my order with?....well it's got to be good old HMV.
Hope they get their act together with customer reviews, I know they are having problems with store closures etc.....but I wish them all the very best for the future.
Many Thanks for taking time to read my review.

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