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Very Poor Service!

I am increasingly getting more and more annoyed with Yodel and if I had a choice, I would NEVER use their company. Unfortunately, it seems that packages sent from the USA are now being sent in the UK with Yodel, and as I am a transplanted American I will be getting packages from Yodel.

I actually have a double complaint . Last week, I was waiting for a delivery. My husband was working nightshift, and sleeping during the day so I had a sign on the door directing package deliveries to be left in our shed, and if a signature was required to please ring me on my mobile (and I provided my number). The Yodel driver left me a card with his mobile number. When I rang to ask him why he didn't ring my mobile, he told me he "didn't see" it, but did see the part about not knocking. Then, I asked him why he didn't leave it in the shed like my note says, and he told me it required a signature. OK, fine. He wanted to bring it the following day, but I told him I couldn't guarantee being home, so he told me to go online to reschedule the delivery. Which I did and set it for 2 days later when I knew I would be home. The tracking online said the package DID NOT require a signature, so I don't know why the driver insisted he needed one. The following day he tried to bring the package again, despite my rescheduling it online to NOT be that day and he left my package with the neighbour and just left me a card that reads "left at neighbour" (but not which one!). My neighbour informs me that he put the note through my letter slot before even checking to see if she was home! She asked him what he would have done if she wasn't home and he said "I would have left it in your shed", he'd leave a package in my neighbour's shed but not mine? When my neighbour's shed is visible from the street and ours isn't? And when my neighbour would have no idea a package was put in her shed and I would think my package was given directly to her? How does that even begin to make sense?!

But on to the package I've listed above. I don't even know if that's the tracking number or not. All we got through our door was a red card with that number/barcode and the words "1 Parcel/Address Only" written on it with the time of delivery. No other box was checked. nothing about redelivering, nothing to note it had been left anywhere...nothing. I went online and put in the number above with my postcode and got a sorry it couldn't find my number message. So then I thought I would ring.....and that put me through to an automated system with no chance of ever speaking to a person. The automated system told me my number wasn't valid and then hung up on me.

The package has arrived. It was brought by a driver who did not speak English and I asked if this was the package from yesterday and he said it was and I asked him why he wrote "address only" when my name was clearly on the package twice and he kept saying back to me "address only. address only".....

....and these are only TWO of the issues I have had with Yodel. I have never actually received a package on time sent with Yodel. In fact, half the time Yodel leaves my packages at the wrong house! When I have a choice, I never use Yodel.

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24 December 2013

Reply from Yodel

Hi Rebecca
I'd really like to look into this for you. If you could let me know the full delivery address by emailing I'd be more than happy to take a look.

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