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I will never use this corrier again. This is the 3rd time i have to give full refund to customers for the incompetency of this company. The first 2 parcels i could not claim compensation because when i've learned of the damage of the items the 7 day period they give to do so had expired, but again this last one i was still in time to do so, and guess what!!! They do not give compensation for glass items. The item was wrapped in bubble wrap packing peanuts filling in the gaps in between the pieces and there was tape with red letters stating FRAGILE all over the box, still they manage to break one of the pieces of the coffee set.
Regarding the staff it seems to me that they select the worst or the tranning they give is rubish. I say this because one of the last times i dropped my parcels i did not like the way they were being handled i showed my concern. The answer i got from the person serving me was unbelievable. I was told the the staff member that collects the parcels is absolutelly careless with the handling of the parcels, "They even do it worst when it has the FRAGILE tape in it" i was told.

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