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TRX2 - HUGELY customer unfriendly!!

Oxford Biolabs produces and sells (directly and through retailers) the hairgrowth pill TRX2, of which much is written about. While the product may be good (I have noticed nothing different so far), the packaging is absolutely pathetic: (1) they use glass jars (surely plastic containers would be safer and cheaper to post??); (2) the amount of bubble wrap used suggests that they are skimping unwisely; and (3) jars are wrapped without bubble wrap buffers (which is stupid beyond belief!). Consequently and unsurprisingly, jars arrive broken. Then, when one emails them, the automated response is that your problem/issue is "deemed solved" - and you never get the promised follow up reply/call. When I phoned them (on the only number provided on their website) I had to endure a lengthy, convoluted voicemail which extolled the (dubious) wonders of the company - only to conclude with an instruction to either leave a message or write!!

Finally, when I returned the product (broken shards and all), did I get any response? Of course not!! Happily, I managed to claim against my credit card company - which took well over 3 weeks to sort things out with the company.

Oxford Biolabs must surely a main contender for the "Most Customer Unfriendly business" award! If you insist on buying their product, buy through Amazon because they will sort things out in a highly effectual manner. You may pay more, but it will spare you the grief of dealing with Oxford Biolabs, which is a nightmare.



I ordered 3 bottles of TRX2 online ( Unlike most commercial websites, no receipt was emailed to me. But, the package arrived - with 1 of the bottles broken, as the packaging was exceedingly inadequate (they should try plastic bottles to eliminate breakage and reduce postage cost...). I emailed their customer service only to receive a robotic reply stating "your request has been deemed solved". I tried again twice, pointing out that it most certainly had NOT been solved. But, the same reply came through each time. Next, I tried the number on their website only to be put through a long, convoluted process during which the robot on the other end wasted my time extolling the wonders of TRX2 - and then stated that I had to email them, use their online form or leave a message (all of which I did). When I tried going through their website form, I found I could not do so (even to make contact) without registering (which I did at the point of purchase as I had a password - which strangely did not work).

I have reported the above problem to my card company to lodge a payment recovery claim. But, I'll have to (of course) send the product back to Oxford Biolabs and then provide proof of posting to the card company for them to initiate recovery. Yet more grief and hassle.

If you want the product, buy it through Amazon. Any small increase in cost (if any) will far outweigh the grief TRX2 (i.e. Oxford Biolabs) will give you! A more customer-hating business I have seldom (if ever) come across!


Pathetic livechat service

To save cost, I can understand why bizs use livechat - but the problem is that they are often staffed by people with very little training (and are thus clueless), initiative (and thus make customers wait for ages between responses whilst they confer with their equally challenged supervisors) and motivation (probably paid below subsistence wages). This is precisely my experience with Parcel2Go - lots of promises about quality etc but the reality is less than a damp squib.

Despite my request for a call from a live person (after having gotten nowhere - and spending loads of time getting there!), the livechat person tried lying 1st, and when caught out, said that the only number which she could provide me was one that charged 10p/minute - but still made no attempt to provide this. She and her supervisor then refused to ask the person I needed to speak with to call me. They couldn't spell "customer services" if their lives depended on it! Boy, just shows that Parcel2Go will exploit customers every which way they can. Myopic and obviously couldn't give a damn about their reputation. Boycott!!

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Pet Supermarket

Excellent all round and good value.

A good all round experience - highly recommended.

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