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Wembley Music Centre

Please read!! Avoid!!

I ordered a set of Zildjian ZXT Rock cymbals and they arrived fairly quickly but after about an hour of playing the began to dent on the edges, I phoned Wembely Drum Dentre and was told to take pictures and e-mail them so I did. The general manager got back to me and told me that it was my fault as the pictures showed signs of "over agressive playing and over tightening of the wingnut on the cymbal stand," so he was basically putting the blame on me. I told him that when I had been using the cymbals there actually hadn't been a wingnut on the top, and that I have used Paiste 101 cymbals and some Sabian Xs20's for just over two years and there wasn't a mark on them. I also found it quite strange that you could diagnose what was wrong with a cymbal from a picture. So I had the cymbals returned and was told a Zildjian respresentative had looked at them and had said that the GM was right. When i asked for the contact details of the "representative" I was told I couldn't have them for some reason. So i ordered new Sabian Xs20 Rock cymbals over the phone. They were posteed 3 days late even though I had informed the GM that I needed them for a gig urgently. When they arrived they were the wrong set so i phoned the GM and he said he hadn't put the order, and that he wasn't in on the day I ordered them even though I had been under the impression I was speaking to him, after a long disscussion he said "he wished he had just given me a refund in the first place" and rudely set the phone down on me. I phoned back the next day and spoke to another person and when I asked if the GM had taken the order for my cymbals I was told by the sales woman that he had even though he had told me himself he "wasn't in." Eventually the internet sales woman was very helpful and gave me a full refund and appologised for the GM appauling behaviour.

He is an illmannered, liar and should not be working as General manager as he is a disgrace to the company. Thanks to him i will never be dealing with Wembely Drum Centre again.

Please avoid this drum company!!

14 June 2011

Reply from Wembley Music Centre

Wembley Drum Centre is always keen to offer customers all the help and advice we can give, to ensure that they are satisfied with their purchase so we are very sorry to hear that Mr Gibson was ultimately so upset by his experience.

In this instance and in line with the distributor’s set procedure, the initial problem with the cymbals was fully investigated. Wembley Drum Centre had them independently examined by Zildjian and paid for the cymbals’ return from Northern Ireland. Zildjian’s investigation did NOT find a manufacturing fault but replacement cymbals were offered to the customer as a gesture of good will.

Mr Gibson’s dissatisfaction with the findings of the investigation led to a request for the cymbals to be replaced with more expensive cymbals. Wembley Drum Centre agreed to this and the difference in price was offered at a discount. Further, the cymbals were despatched to Northern Ireland free of charge.

Unfortunately, an error was made in sending out the correct replacement set and the episode ended with Mr Gibson being offered a full refund, which he accepted. WDC then paid for the further carriage for the goods to be brought back.

Wembley Drum Centre continues to maintain a reputation built on helping customers with expert advice on all aspects of purchasing drum equipment.

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