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Poor coverage poor customer service, and what a con bt sport is!

I rang to ask why I was unable to get any Internet coverage in my kitchen or in my bedroom (I live in a 3bed house so not massive) The. Operative I spoke to (in India) was next to useless and couldn't say why my signal was poor in certain areas of the house as his computer was saying I had an excellent signal. I pointed out that with my previous service provider Orange, we had no problems with coverage. I explained I wasn't happy and he then had me unplugging, rebooting etc etc he also bamboozled me with tech talk which as an average Internet user I had no idea what he was talking about at times, he got exasperated when I kept asking to explain in lay mans terms.... I asked for a new router which he refused to send again saying that my signal was excellent. I was so fed up with his attitude especially as he had to keep going and speaking to his superviser, that I put the phone down, he then rang me back and said he would run another test but couldn't do it at that moment as his system was down.......no improvement with our service since the call..

Wish I had never changed and we are now locked into an 18month contract, we are counting the days.

As an aside I feel conned by the bt sport advert which implies that the channel is easily available. We thought you could get it through your tv but you need extra kit.

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