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Top notch

Just received my copy of Halo 4 today (a week after release) for a crazy price of £33.99 compared to the average £37.99 you'll see everywhere else. Fast free delivery too.

Happy, thanks

Dolphin Fitness

Top quality service

Excellent value that sold my item significantly cheaper than the competition. The delivery cost varies depending on which day you choose to have it arrive - later the cheaper of course.



This is a scam website offering a trial for 99p but ends off charging you £30.98. Scam occurs when you receive emails from fake woman (as in, they don't really exist) then activate a 24 hour full access pass for 99p, but turns into a full month subscription unless you cancel the trial within 24 hours. To deactivate your trial pass, you need to click a link that sends a cancellation code to your email address, but mine came during the night while asleep. In the morning I had been charged £29.99.

Their phone number is not operational and they do not offer an external email address so I've had to use the contact form on their website to demand a refund - but they ignore you.

So I've come to accept that I've lost my £30 but have made it cost them too by reporting them to Consumer Direct, Watchdog, Trading Standards Institute and I'm writing these online reviews to hopefully inform others of these thieves.

Avoid at all cost.



I made a fatal mistake of ordering a computer from MESH Computers January 30th 2009, before reading customer reviews. I've learned a harsh lesson, because MESH Computers are a cowboy company who abuse their customer's trust.

The second I clicked the order button, £980 was taken from my bank account. I heard nothing (except for an automated email) for three weeks so I emailed them for an update. I was told my order would arrive within a week. My computer arrived after six weeks of silence.

Contained in a flimsy old-looking box sealed with single cheap strips of sellotape, I unpacked a battered and broken computer. The metal casing was bent and warped, the power and reset switch was loose and a spare cd bay had caved in. It looked like it was assembled with industrial machinery with no delicacy. Booklets and documents were actually contained in a spare graphics card plastic wrapping.

I promptly sent it back to MESH and requested a refund. Credit to them, they speedily arranged a courier, but that's as much credit they deserve because a few days later, the machine arrived on my doorstep again. I phoned MESH and they tried to claim I was too late in sending my cancellation letter (which they'd previously acknowledged with a reply letter in which they stated a refund would be "considered").

A few days later the courier took the machine again. I heard nothing from MESH for weeks so instructed my bank to reclaim the money. Thankfully this had immediate effect and MESH coughed up.

So to recap, awful: delivery time, product, lying phone operator, after-sales service and an unwillingness to pay refunds.


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