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Magic Madhouse

Great products, excellently packaged and delivered quickly

Magic Madhouse is great! Great items and super fast delivery. Everything arrives in top top condition. Used them once and have since used again as found them faultless.


Will not use again

I do not need to go into the specifics of my order or experience as it is pretty much the same faced by everyone. Moveable delivery dates which appear invented. In stock items which take two weeks to not appear, Customer Services Team which seem unable to assist and managers which are illusive at best and unable to speak to as they are permanently in meetings and do not return calls. A UPS label created but no item delivered to UPS.

My issue was going on for some time so I decided to up the ante. I emailed the Operations Director [bslater"@"], copied this email in to the wae management team [management"@"], Trading Standards [tradingstandards"@"] and my bank (as I payed by their Visa card). (Obviously remove " from either side of @)

Although no one senior from the Company phoned, as I demanded in my email. The item did arrive the very next day.


Avoid at all costs

Unfortunately this site only allows a 1 star review. If possible I would award none. I had a collection that was due to be picked up on Tuesday 8th January. The driver decided to call on Monday 7th January when I was at work and left a note of missed pick up, hardly surprising as he was a day early. I then contacted Yodel for a recollection date. I was informed that they would pick up on Thursday 9th January. Having used one day off work unnecessarily I though that I could, not really, afford one more. So I waited in. When it got to 5pm I phone Yodel to ask if the driver was on his way to be told that he would be with me within two hours. These two hours passed and I called again, only to be told that the driver was not coming as it had not be arranged. I am now down two days of work and there is nothing they can do as it is "not their fault"

They arrived on the wrong day and I now have to miss two days of work due to their incomplete incompetence and still the item i have for collection remains with me.


They are abysmal and their customer service is appalling.

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Simply Electronics Ltd.



This company is a rip off. Placed an order for Sonos S5 wireless system. The order should have taken 1 - 2 days to arrive. Did not arrive within a week. Called to ask where it was and told it would arrive in the next 1 - 2 days. This happened for another week so I cancelled the order. I am now waiting for refund which is not like arriving. Have now got my credit card company involved to try deal with this scam.

You can't talk to the refunds department on the phone only able to contact them by e-mail and they give you a load of bullshit excuses and reasons for the delay in the refund.

This is not a company they are a scam which is only interested in stealing your money.

The good reviews are probably put on here by simply electronics.


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