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John Lewis

Retailer Of The Year For Me

It is rare that you find a retailer that is both amazing both online and the high street, yet at the same time meets your expectations and more. Before Christmas I had the pleasure of purchasing a few items from John Lewis online. Firstly on Black Friday I managed to pick up a Samsung Chromebook with £50 discount and free delivery to a Northern Ireland. Yet a week later I noticed it had been reduced by another £50 online, so I asked for a price reduction and without any hesitation they did a price match. Fantastic service!

However they really impressed me when I had been looking at a Bose Soundlink II before Christmas, having been to the Apple Store were it was £299, the Bose outlet store were it was £265, while Amazon and John Lewis had it at £219. Then I found it on a few unheard of online stores for £199 and visited my local Currys store who refused to even consider a price match as the stores were not in Northern Ireland, yet would have done so if I was in the mainland. However I contacted John Lewis, gave them the website links and they came back agreeing to price match to £199 with free delivery.

I have to say that I think John Lewis are an amazing store who are willing to price match, take customer care seriously and deliver when expected. What more can anyone ask for in a retail store. I cannot wait until there is a store here in Northern Ireland.

MH Star

The Company That Spoiled Christmas

This Christmas the my sister's family was visiting from the US to Ireland to spend time with our aging mother who hasn't been well. It was agreed that life would be much easier and comfortable for her if she had a recliner chair. After much searching online I discovered Amazon Marketplace had plenty of choice in leather reclining chairs and many advertised good delivery dates before Christmas Day. I was tasked with selecting whom we would purchase it from and with MH STAR promoting delivery dates between 20th-24th December I choose them. After all they were a Amazon seller, what could go wrong? Surely they are vetted, must provide customer care in line with Amazon and view delivery times as a contract between the company and the customer.

Well after purchasing the chair on the 16th December I received no communication from MH STAR at all. This was particularly difficult as the delivery was going to my mother's home, it meant we had to have someone waiting each day from the 20th-24th. By the 23rd I was becoming concerned, but without a contact number or email address for MH STAR I had to go through Amazon and send seller message which no one replied until late in the afternoon on the 24th, saying the item was despatched but they would need to arrange a "pre delivery date". This was totally useless to me as they had made no attempt to inform me before the delivery dates promised and as a result would mean we as a family we're let down for our family gift to my mother. Immediately on the 24th I replied again through the Amazon looking for an explanation, delivery confirmation and trying to get MH STAR to appreciate how disappointing this had been to us for Christmas. There was absolutely no interest in the human factor of their failure to communicate with me and the disappointment in no delivery. Even attempting to accuse me of having the wrong contact details, which was untrue. The representative actually said in her reply it could take days or weeks for the courier to deliver it as it was Christmas. With no support, no attempt to make amends nor any interest in how this total failure had ruined our Christmas surprise I was left with only Amazon to contact. These customer service representatives were totally powerless and even told me it was in the hands of the seller. They did send messages to MH STAR asking them to contact me with a delivery date, which they decided they would cut their losses and begin a refund process after Christmas. When I asked Amazon how long this might take I was informed somewhere between 1-2 weeks.

So here I am at the end of the year, Christmas is over we never received the chair, MH STAR has my money until they bother to process it, Amazon is powerless to do anything about it and I have to start all over again with another company. As a result I caution buyers to avoid MH STAR as they do not care about their customers, and personally will never use Amazon Marketplace again. I might as well have randomly picked a suppliers website off the net. Before writing this review I gave MH STAR the opportunity to make things right and instead they choose to terminate the contract. So as they have left me with no other option I will be writing reviews and sharing my experience with many possible buyers to help them avoid the same treatment and disappointment. Please be careful who you trust with your buying experience and money, not all company are the same.


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