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Ordered but no goods

I placed an order for vinyl lettering online. For some reason I didn't receive a confirmation email and when I tried to log into the site, it didn't recognise my email address and password. I emailed them (there was no phone number on the site) to ask them to confirm they had received the order - no reply. Some time later I emailed them again and, again, didn't hear anything. This went on until I had to raise a dispute with Paypal and eventually got my money back through them.

I would no recommend using this site.


Terrible - no item, no refund.

I ordered a graphics card and paid for next day delivery. It didn't arrive so I phoned them and they couldn't tell me when it would arrive but offered to refund the difference between next day and standard delivery. As I needed it in a hurry I opted to cancel the order. I still haven't received by refund nearly 3 weeks later. They tell me they "have upto 30 days to refund a customer however this only an up to time scale" whatever that means.

I wouldn't recommend going near this company with a barge pole.

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Failed to meet delivery timescale

I ordered by item and paid extra for next day delivery. When it didn't arrive I called and they were unable to tell me where it was. As it was a Friday and I needed it by the weekend, I asked if they could deliver it on Saturday - they couldn't unless I paid a further £10 (when it was their fault they didn't deliver it on on Friday). Order cancelled and refund requested.


Efficient service, great value

I ordered a power adapter at lunchtime on Friday and it was with me on Monday morning. I received an automated follow-up email checking everything was in order and even got a £2 discount for liking them on Facebook. All in all and impressive service.

Andrews & Arnold Ltd (AAISP)

The best broadband I've ever had

The speeds are far better than previous providers on the same line. The customer service is second to none.

I'd say if you use the internet a lot during the day this might not be for you as the usage allowance is heavily weighted to the evening.

Also if you're not too tech savvy, you may need some help setting it up as the control panel pages aren't at all dummed down.

Overall - solid, very well functioning broadband for people who don't need spoon-feeding with glossy websites and expensive marketing.


Terrible ADSL. Awful customer service.

Before activation they told me my line was capable of 10mbps. After the service went live I got only 5mbps which over the course of the next few months dropped to 3.5mbps. Between 6pm and 11pm it was as low as 0.3mbps. They told me that the change was either:

1 - because of rain
2 - because of snow
3 - the distance from my exchange (I wasn't aware it moved)

After my 12 months I ditched them and with my current provider I consistently get 10mbps day and night. Make of that what you will.

Overnight Prints

Does what it says on the tin

I've used these guys for business cards on many occasions and they have never let me down. I suppose the golden rule when ordering print services is to allow as much time as possible as there are many things which can go wrong. That said, my orders have always arrived when they were supposed to and the print quality has always been excellent.

30 June 2011

Reply from Overnight Prints

Thank you Nick for taking the time to write this review. We are very glad to hear that everything has worked out for you. Thank you again for choosing us as your print provider. - Lisa


Polite and efficient service

Ordered a tent and unfortunately the wrong colour was sent. The issue was resolved extremely efficiently and the incorrect one was collected by courier. Sadly the colour I wanted was not in stock so I had to opt for a refund which was processed quickly.


Perfectly acceptable

Excellent coverage - especially 3G. Customer service has always been adequate.


Below Par

I take issue with so-called 'budget' airlines because by the time you've added all the compulsory extras on, they're usually no cheaper than the full-service alternative. However, BMI Baby were the only airline to operate on the route so I begrudgingly booked with them.

Firstly the extras - £12 (£3 per person per leg) to pay by *DEBIT* card. I really begrudge this as I know that it only costs somewhere in the region of 30p to process a transaction. Strangely they manage to process the transaction for free if you're lucky enough to have an Electron card - peculiar as it costs the merchant roughly the same to process.

The cost for baggage in the hold was reasonable if a little on the high side but I accept that this does reflect the additional cost incurred by the airline.

The service at both airports was good - friendly and efficient. Unfortunately the same cannot be said on the aeroplane. On both legs the attitude of the staff seemed to be one of 'I'm doing you a favour by being here'. One member of staff made an announcement to the effect of 'If you need a hand lifting heavy bags into the lockers, don't ask because we an all-woman crew.' Not the level of service I would expect.

On a final note, the gin and tonic was terrible (and not cheap). Gin in plastic sachets not dissimilar to those you find at a service station with ketchup in.

Overall I will avoid at all costs. BA all the way.

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