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Perfect - Simply Perfect

Brilliant - It's been 3 week now since I have had tobacco thanks to these folks at V-Lites...
There have been a couple of teething problems (well, it's' a fairly immature market) but they have been dealt with swiftly - the product service has been outstanding.
I'm looking forward to these new batteries - but - I'd still like a case that keeps these things charged up !


Discworld Delights

Everything to fill you Discworld needs - and quite a lot of stuff that you don't too - fulfilled by warm friendly staff - and Bernard


Now a Prime user

I'd have put them down for 4 stars - if I could have been bothered to write a review at all..... then I signed up for Prime on a free trial basis - thinking that I'd probably stop it after the free period.....
It has changed the face of the company for me to the extent that when I look for anything - be it a boys watch or a grill pan - I always filter on Prime and it seems to come up with a great price for something that I know is going to be delivered on time - signed for and not lost _ Fab service (if you work it out - it costs less than a quid a week over a year).


Always Top of my Cat list

I've bought quite a bit of stuff here and it's all been spot on - apart from a cat tree which arrived damaged (inside the box - not in transit).... This is where they were onto a real winner.... They were empathetic, apologetic (to the extent that they said they hoped it didn't put me off dealing with them in the future) arranged a day to pick up the offending object - That's what I call service !


No Problems

I've had no issues with anything so far in fact they are one of the most proactive companies that I deal with - first call for anything cat medical - also good prices and offers for food - by far the cheapest for a cat drinking fountain


They Really Don't Care

Considering a purchase ?
Be prepared to encounter the most archaic web outlet I have ever encountered.....
I have just - 6weeks after ordering - received a refund for goods not delivered.....
Their system said they were delivered - I was in all day when they were allegedly delivered (and the day after as well as the day prior - I know that as I was working at home).....
I sent an email telling them - it came back not sounding terribly surprised - that the courier Hermes doesn't necessarily get a signature....... I was quite surprised - having paid £4.99 for the delivery !
They said that they would post - POST mind you a form which I needed to sign and send back - that didn't arrive either... there were a lot of email exchanges and on their 3rd attempt, they managed to POST the form to me...
I asked a few times why they couldn't send an electronic copy of the form and had no satisfactory response - why would that be ?
All this took some time and I feel that had I not chased them all the time - nothing would have happened.
Having received a refund (may take 5 days to get into the bank account) I closed the account..... Which I did on line... did they ask me why I was leaving... what do you think ?

Before you order... just take a minute to wonder why, when you sign up, that you get a string of characters rather than a sensible ID.... when I look back at this - things looked bad from the start... I had no idea how bad....

Tesco do a fairly decent range of fat and happy clothes - with free delivery.... I expect they may have some decent processes in place to look after their customers too !

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