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Non-UK products

Bought a camcorder from these and recieved a foreign one, NOT a UK version as I expected, it came a two pin european plug for the charge but with an adapter thrown in loose in my package. I have since heard from friends who have experienced the same whilst buying from pixmania and this is a concern because should something go wrong with your purchase you could find that any warranty is invalid in the UK. The other negative with Pixmania is that they try to push you into extra charges for some sort of warranty and for a loyalty card scheme that appears to be a scam, it is added to your order by default so you have to opt out of buying which seems a very underhand trick. I personally won't buy from Pixmania again, but that doesn't stop them sending me umpteen spam emails every week (another negative with these guys).

21 June 2011

Reply from

Thank you for your review.
I am sorry that you have received your camcorder in French.
This is not our usual service as we try and ensure that all items are sent out in the UK version.
Please note that all products sold on our site come with a legal warranty and that if a UK adaptor is missing, we can send you one at no extra cost.
The Vipix card can be removed at the end of the ordering process; if you are unable to remove it you may contact us so that we may refund it for you. The VIpix card gives our customers - 50% discount on shipping fees for all purchases over £100.
Discounts are valid on standard deliveries. They cannot be applied to express deliveries. Reductions on delivery costs can only be made if the VIPix card has been activated.
I have pasted the link for all of the advantages given to you with our VIPix card.
I invite you to contact me with your order details on so that I can contact our purchasers who can advise you on how to change the language settings to English in the internal menu of your product.
Kind Regards
Pixmania Mediator



Very quick delivery, great customer service, good choice of products and it's easy to find the right cartridges for your printer. Ideally if money is no object we'd all opt for original cartridges, but they are very over-priced and so most of us look for compatibles, I would always avoid the very cheap compatible inks as the quality is noticeable (unless you're just printing text then maybe it doesn't matter), but I find the Peach brand of cartridges very good at a fair price.


Bad fitting glasses & AWFUL service

Specsavers give EVERYONE the same size of frames. They don't take into account that different people have different size heads, different size between eyes, different distance to the ears, some people might not have perfect symetry etc. Specsavers just make one size fit everybody so when you buy glasses you get the same size frames everyone else gets, same size frame, same size bridge, same size arms etc. So you get glasses that either keep sliding down your nose, or that don't sit straight etc. When you tell them the glasses don't fit they just bend them a bit, how pathetic is that?? Frames should be made to measure because everyone is different. Imagine a clothes shop only selling one size of trousers and saying to customers that they don't fit just roll them up, just stretch them a bit, just tuck them in a bit etc that is what Specsavers are doing selling one size frames for everyone. I paid a lot of money for 2 pairs of glasses that don't fit properly. AVOID Specsavers at all costs.


Always missing items

9 out of 10 deliveries we've had have had items missing. Usually it's just the odd one item, but recently it was all of the frozen goods ordered. Most times I haven't bothered to complain, on the occassions I did they did refund, but with the missing frozen goods I was given the run around, told someone would phone me back which they never did (not once, but 3 times), I had to chase it up to finally recieve the items. Either they have drivers or packing staff who are light fingered and helping themselves in the hope that customers won't notice the odd missing item or bother to complain, OR the staff are simply incompetent and making mistakes, but either way it puts me off ordering home delivery again on my shopping. Re the missing frozen goods, the fob off I got was that the driver had probably given it to another customer in error.



Good prices, quick delivery, not had any problem with the two occassions I've ordered from these.



Quick delivery and good service, but very very over-priced, most items if not all items can be found considerably cheaper elsewhere.


Awful service

I gave Jessops one star only because I couldn't give zero stars. Customer service with Jessops is dreadful, enough said, shop elsewhere.

Sometimes items out of stock

I have shopped with many times, mostly good experience but for me what stops me giving 5 stars is the fact that occassionally an item despite being listed as either in stock or delivery within such and such time etc. will not be delivered due to being out of stock, this remains on your orders but you get no updates from them telling you when or even if delivery will eventually be made. They aren't as competitively priced as they once were, I used to shop a lot with them but now find many games and stuff cheaper elsewhere, but they are a good company overall apart from the lack of info on out of stock items.


Charges for returns

Been shopping with Premierman for a few years now and always been happy, until now after I recieved my latest statement to find I've been charged £6 for 2 items returned late. I actually returned the items within the 14 days so don't understand this (it must be based on the days from it leaving them to them recieving it back), I seldom retun items (when I do it's because they genuinely aren't good, i.e. on this occassion wide fitting trainers that weren't wide lol). Premierman are good for clothes that fit men, prices are reasonable (if you take advantage of the regular 20% off offers), delivery is usually quick, but charging for late delivery on poor quality products is bang out of order.

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