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Total Scam, take your money,dont deliver, wont answer phone.

My order number was 193010, they have failed to deliver, wont respond to emails or online contact form or telephones.

Research shows they are a name changer, used to be known as "We Are Electricals" with dozens of unpaid county court judgements against them.

My next call will be to to report their blatent fraud.

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Protect your bubble

Never sent the policy, and now deny I have cover.

Although they took payment and provided a payment reference number, when I have chased them for my policy they deny knowing me, and are asking me to provide bank statements to prove I paid!!!

My account on their website shows no details of what I have actually purchased.

And now their email system automatically rejects my emails!

I wouldnt trust any company who's record keeping is so poor they cannot track a customer from name/address/payment reference and exact date I made the purchase! They are either incompetent or crooked.

I'm not going to waste any more time with them, will complain directly to the insurance ombudsman.

02 September 2011

Reply from Protect your bubble

Dear Howard,

I am the Customer Retention Manager for I am very sorry to hear you have experienced such issues. This is a very unusual occurrence, and this is why we will need to check your proof of purchase - it may be that an error has occurred in processing your purchase.

If you could please email me directly I will happily look into this for you. My email address is

Kind regards,



Total Fraudsters, don't use under any circumstances

1. This is a private household in Oldham, not a reputable company.
2. They don't carry stock but their website says they do (Thats fraud).
3. Their merchant account with Visa is an old company name that was changed in 2007! (Thats fraud, and probably money laundering).
4. Companies house shows they keep changing their name.
5. They never answer the phone.
6. They have not delivered the goods.

I'm contacting the police,trading standards and visa about points 2&3. and BBC watchdog program.

I also strongly suspect some of the postings here are deliberate misrepresentations, either directly or via family and freinds.

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