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Booked through this website for a 2 night stay, drove 4 hours to the hotel only to find we had been double booked by, in fact the hotel had been booked out on this night for 9 months! It was absolutely horrendous trying to get through to anyone on the phone to sort the mess out, then only offered a room 20 miles away from where we needed to be which we could not take. I was very upset by this experience and will never book through again. I do not recommend anyone else does either.

Further more it took multiple emails to gain a refund, and was finally offered £65 compensation which in no way made up for our ruined weekend and expenses incurred.



After a shocking experience with yodel, DPD were superb! Driver was very friendly, handled my parcel with care and waited while I checked it for damage. There was none. The previous day my item had been smashed to bits all over my path by yodel so well done DPD.



Driver dragged parcel across the road destroying it so i refused delivery, he told me it wasnt his fault it was damaged even though i had seen him drag it instead of using the trolley, he then proceeded to drag it out of my house instead of tapeing it up, and went to get the trolley which i asked him why he hadnt brought it on instead of destroying it!! he didnt care and told me he didnt care about his job. i warned him it contained glass and not to stand it on end open but he didnt listen and carried on, the glass then smashed all over my path, he couldnt care less! i made him clear the glass up, but he didnt do it properly so i now have to spend the next hour picking glass up from my door step and path. thanks for nothing yodel you useless idiots.

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Bought a bed that broke after 5 months, took numerous phone calls before they sent out a part for us to try and fix it ourselves. Bought a chair, they sent the wrong one, took numerous phone calls, and weeks of waiting before they sent the correct one, only it was damaged and the fixings were missing. still waiting for a refund after sending it back weeks ago. Disgusting company! Absolute shysters.

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