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good service

Been banking with them for nearly 14 years and am happy with my personal account service. Special shout out to Barclays in Worcester PArk. So helpful and nice!


rubbish customer service

Customer service uninformed. Rang the business line and asked for everything i needed to open a community account. The first thing the banker with who I made an appointment with told me she was sorry she couldn't open an account as I didn't have a second signatory. I informed her that I had called the business line and asked what I needed to bring.. She was unapologetic. She then interrogated me like I was a criminal and insisted that I bring her my Barclays account statements even though I have three accounts with HSBC! Having spoken to a lawyer about the way she spoke to me, the lawyer said it sounded like the questions she was asking were indeed going down the criminal nature route.

Went to Barclays instead and received excellent customer service.Opened a community account and it's happy days.

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