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This bank does not care about customers. All of their staff is completely incompetent, most of them do not know how to comprehend what they read. They email, and say things and do not stand behind what they commit to. Employees their have titles and pass the buck without standing behind anything. You can't even reach their customer service # written on a commercial mortgage statement. Most times you call it rings once, answers and then hangs up. It almost seems that the management hates customers and trains the employees to do anything possible to make problems for customers. I have a $2.3 million dollar commercial loan that does not get serviced professionally. I sent in third party checks for Principal only payments made to the bank based upon previous acceptance and complete approval of management to do so. They just accepted this type of payment 6 months ago after giving me a hard time and acknowledgement that i can do this in the future. I spoke to the same person involved 6 months ago telling her I was doing it again and had several checks totaling $490,000 from a sale of real estate made out to Santander which cannot be deposited at any branch. I can only give it to the branch for them to send it to Brooklyn where they service this type of loan. Now they are denying allowing this payment and just sit with $500,000 of checks made out to them risking the chance of checks clearing when presented. No employee has any sense of responsibility or stands behind anything. The employees are like a bunch of children. I risk these checks clearing because of them. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THIS BANK AT ALL.

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