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The Best!

I am not one to support brands usually, I buy things that I like. Corsair however have won me over completely with their top quality products and superb after service. Many of my pc's components are Corsair branded, the power supply, the ram, the case itself and all perform flawlessly. But the Corsair products I enjoy the most however are their peripherals. Corsair are relatively new to this market but that hasn't stopped them going all out on quality and performance. Their M65 mouse is superb, if not a little small for my large hands. And their keyboards are something to behold. I had the K90 which I loved! And now I have the K70 in black and red that just oozes class with it's solid metal construction and beautiful back lights.

Where my experience with Corsair has really shined however is their after service. My K90 had a slight fault that some of them experienced, it would repeat itself sometimes when you pressed a key. Not the end of the world and I lived with this for months but finally decided to contact Corsair through their RMA service, they replied within two days and arranged to have my faulty keyboard collected at their expense. A few days later I was pleasantly surprised to be handed a shiny new K95 by the courier. This of course being the updated version of my faulty keyboard, a really nice touch. I had the same experience when my M65 died, Corsair paid for the collection and shipped a brand new one to me in good time. I believe I got lucky with Corsair paying the postage for me and indeed I'd have been annoyed if I'd had to have paid it myself so I hope it is a courtesy they will continue as it goes a long way to ensuring customer satisfaction.

This kind of service combined with the quality of their products is just incredible in my eyes, and as long as it continues, I will keep buying Corsair products. Superb company in every regard!!

The bigger they come..... used to be the best shop on the internet by a clear mile, they had the best prices, the best service and a great selection of products, I used them so much that I even have a branded credit card to earn points to spend there.... So where then did it all go wrong? Well I can't answer that I'm afraid, all I know is that the variety of products has diminished and the prices have crept up and up over the last few years to the point where is a shadow of its former self. I rarely use play anymore which is a shame. I find myself using Amazon for all of the things I once would have purchased here. They seem to be more of a promoter now than a seller, most items I look at are sold by third parties, if I wanted that, I'd be on ebay. Maybe one day they will turn things around again, who knows....

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Amazon UK

I use Amazon a lot, they have a great variety of products, their prices are usually the cheapest around and the delivery is always quick and easy. used to be my go to place but they seem to have become more and more expensive over the years so Amazon is now my number one stop. They lose a point for not putting back into a Country whos people have helped make them very rich by paying their taxes... Probably why they are cheap mind.



I've had my Chillblast PC for quite some time now so I feel I can give a fair assessment of it and Chillblast themselves. I'll start by saying I was a real pain in the neck customer. I purchased a Fusion Superfortress but I modified it beyond recognition and made demands that must have sent Ben over the edge, he helped me every step of the way however. One of my many requests along with a Corsair 650d case, an upgraded motherboard, fans and power supply was that the default Graphics card for the system I chose be changed to an Asus DirectCU ii. Chillblast were happy to oblige, unfortunately no less than three of these failed during Chillblasts extensive stress tests and each time they ordered a new one at their expense. I can't help but think many companies would have just sent the first one out and hoped for the best, the fact they were honest about all of this made me feel very secure in my purchase. Eventually we came to the agreement that as nice as the Asus card is, it is too much trouble so I went with the Gigabyte Windforce. This worked fine and Chillblast quickly dispatched my shiny new PC to me.... Disaster!

Somebody in the courier company had clearly dropped the box with some force as my GPU, Cooler and everything else was sat at an angle drooping downwards and looking rather sad... Back on the phone to Ben who knew my number by heart at this point to explain. A tonne of money down the drain I thought..... but not too worry, before the damaged system was even collected from my door (at chillblasts expense and arrangement) they had started building me a brand new rig, by this point I had one last demand, a superclocked EVGA GTX 680 instead of the windforce card that I had quickly decided didn’t really suit the look of my system, they accommodated me once again and I had my brand new machine sitting in front of me shortly after.

There was one more surprise of course, that GTX 680 was fine for a week or two, then I started getting error messages and glitches so I was on to Ben once again... a couple of days later I had a brand new graphics card arrive in the post and that was that. A year down the line and I couldn't be happier, this thing is a joy to use, it runs everything I throw at it on maximum graphic settings and it hasn't put a foot wrong.

I had rotten luck with this one initially with various hardware failing, none of which was Chillblasts fault in the least as these things happen sometimes and they were exceptional at getting things sorted. I have no intentions of buying a new PC for a fair few years to come as this one is perfect, but when I do there is only one place I'll be going to and that place is Chillblast. I really can't recommend them enough. Hope this helps.

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