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Awful In-Store Experience - Never Going Back

I visited one of their London stores last year during my pregnancy to start to get together all the baby bits for my new arrival. The only way I can describe my in-store experience is DIABOLICAL. From the moment my husband and I walked through the door, we were being hassled by the staff - can we donate to this fund, can we sign up to their membership card, would we like to buy this, would we like to buy that, why don't we have a demonstration of this pram. I stupidly thought that choosing all the bits for our first child would be an enjoyable and exciting experience, it definitely was not in Mothercare! I actually left the shop in tears, I felt hounded and just wanted to be left to do what I went there for. Some might say I was being overly emotional, and some people might like the in-your-face thing, but it is a baby/toddler store so is bound to be full of pregnant women and people with their kids - they do not need the hassle of being approached by the staff trying to sell/promote stuff! It was so obvious too that the staff who had been tasked with doing this couldn't be bothered, letting out a sigh and stropping off when I said no - serious attitude problem.

I think it's a really odd way to do business and whoever was sat in the boardroom calling the shots on these marketing methods needs to get on the shop floor and take a look at their target audience. I found it really inappropriate and totally out of sync with what Mothercare should be all about.

In addition to the above, the staff who weren't trying to promote things were shouting conversations with eachother across the shop floor and next to the tills, in full earshot of their customers. Basically it was like one big social for the staff. I will never visit Mothercare again - atleast not that particular store, just shocking.


Best Online Retailer

By far, the best company I have ever bought online from. In fact, I ONLY order online from them now rather than going in-store. Their courier company texts a one hour delivery slot on the day of delivery, and they have never missed a deadline - I have probably taken in excess of 50 deliveries from them in the past few years.

I love that they offer different brands at varying price ranges so you can buy to a budget if needed, or splash out on special items. Quality is always excellent and they always have great offers and discounts on.

I have only needed to call their customer services once, to ask for more information about a car seat before buying, and my call was dealt with efficiently and the person I spoke to was very knowledgeable. I rarely go elsewhere for baby stuff now, unless Kiddicare don't stock what I need.


Amazing Service, Professional Drivers

Love Addison Lee! So convenient booking with the app, I can track where the driver is and knowing and being able to pay the cost of the journey before travelling saves soooo much hassle. Have had a couple of nightmare drivers who tell you their entire life story and I am thinking I AM PAYING TO LISTEN TO THIS?? But I have made so many journeys with Addison Lee that this makes up a tiny percentage. I love the fact that the drivers are always smartly dressed, the whole service is really professional - total convert, I never use black cabs now.


Delivery Times a Bit Misleading

Placed an order online and paid for specified delivery day to a store near me. I got an email to say that I shouldn't go to the store until I receive an email confirming that my order had arrived there. The email finally came about 1 hour before the store closed on my specified collection day. While I appreciate that, technically, they have fulfilled their obligation, you don't really expect to be left with a one hour window to dash and collect the order. It's just a bit misleading and could probably be clarified a bit better on the website when ordering.

When I went in-store to collect, the sales assistant was quite stroppy demanding to know how "big" my order was. I asked her if she meant what did I order, and she said no, how big was all the stuff. I was just like, I have no idea as you have the package behind the counter...and I have just given you my order confirmation which tells you what is in there. Weird experience but they have such lovely clothes so I will continue to shop only!


Never Delivered Within Specified Time Slot

I usually shop in-store but thought I'd try their online service while I was heavily pregnant and couldn't get to the shops. I ordered from them 4 times and every single time the delivery arrived outside of my chosen slot - by about an hour each time. Their customer services didn't seem too concerned about it, and I never got an apology from the driver on any of the 4 occasions. After calling on 2 occasions I realised there is actually no point in calling because by the time they have managed to get in touch with the delivery driver, found out their location and called me back to let me know, the delivery had arrived. Thought online shopping would save me a lot of hassle, but after those experiences, I think it would have been less hassle for me to just go to the shops, even at 37 weeks pregnant!


Delivery Company Lets Them Down - First and LAST order

Placed an order in the afternoon for next day morning delivery. Delivery attempt was not made until around 8:30pm and courier company (Yodel) tracking site said 'no access to property'. Basically I live in an apartment block with an intercom system - not out of the ordinary - so person wanting to enter needs to actually use the system so I can let them in right?! Obviously Yodel could not get to grips with this. I was home for 2 days waiting for the delivery - 2nd day the same message on their tracking site. By the 3rd day I gave up but the delivery eventually arrived because the gate happened to be open anyway. I had to call Very's customer services twice during the debacle, to be told by them exactly the same thing that was on Yodel's tracking site. To be fair, they refunded the delivery charge, but only because I requested it - they didn't offer to. But, it was ok because, according to Very customer services, their couriers deliver from 7am to 9pm in my area. GREAT! I have a 14 hour window to wait for my delivery. Also really annoyed that they kept telling me to contact Yodel directly when in fact, my purchasing contract is with Very, not Yodel, therefore it is Very's responsibility to deal with their supplier.

First and last order from Very, unless they change delivery company. The only reason I have given 2 stars is because I love their products, but unfortunately I cannot waste another 3 days of my life waiting for delivery because Yodel can't get to grips with an intercom system!

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