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howard score best tool I have seen in evaluating digital pianos

So many brands/models digital pianos out there, and as with all technology, even the best ones are obsolete in a year or two. As Graham Howard says, each store will be selling only a couple of brands, so it is impossible to do any kind of one-stop comparison. So, a scoring system such as GH's, offered for free, from a disinterested but knowledgeable and conscientious party, is a real gift. Since I look at the Howard Score because I myself am NOT an expert, I am in no position to say whether it is accurate or not. However, if you look at how he chooses and details the criteria, and just the general intelligence of the whole thing, it seems to be of a superior quality. It is great that he is also providing prices so that one can see what brands may tend to be overprice across all models, ... a real eye opener. I have yet to find the ideal piano "solution". As one who plays mostly classical music, but wants the ability to practice freely, never mind the people on the other side of the wall (ie., headphones) and also all the fantastic digital recording and multi-tracking capabilities for my pop forays, my way of dealing with the mess is to have two pianos... one digital, one analog, the analog (a 1923 Mason Hamlin baby grand) falling far short of the kinds of concert grands that are sampled for the grand piano modes on the digital piano, and the digital being the kind that has the supposed grand piano action, with the weighted wooden mechanism and all that. Is not perfect, but is the best I can afford. Classical piano teacher always says, "will you PULLLEEEEASE lose that digital piano... THAT's not a PIANO ... and shell out for a serious grand piano..." But I am too broke to ever do that, not least because that would require another big impossible shell-out for a properly conditioned room in which to keep it. So the digital piano... a godsend, assuming that the action/responsiveness is close enough to that of a "real" piano. And the Howard Score gives its detailed attention to that very thing (in contrast to all the bla bla you will get about the samplings etc. that you will get from any other query on digital piano comparisons), so is very helpful.

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