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Terrible Customer Service !!!

Mobile Broadband: - Your customer service is the worst ever.

Allowance limit of 5GB per month. Exceeded in March and rang to ask why this was the case (was supposed to be a block on excess). Paid the excess, but the customer service representative agreed to increase the allowance to 10GB per month for no additional cost.

Noticed yesterday that the last two months' bills (April and May) were again well in excess. Rang to ask whether I has exceeded the 10GB now in place (confirmed I had not exceeded 10GB). Asked why I was getting charged, and was told that the 10GB was never placed on (there is a note on the file that it should have increased).

Three agree it was their fault (despite saying that I should have checked it was done online - will remember that on Monday when I go to work, will be expecting you guys to double check my work !!).

Short of the story is that Three will not refund the additional amounts they have charged me for the last two months for going over the 5GB (despite the fact that this should have been 10GB).

Told some story about how can only give out a maximum of £15 refund !! Ok - sure that is the case Three?!! Do you really expect me to believe this?

Basically - You have charged me for something which you and me agreed I could have, but won't now refund me.

Joke customer service !!

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