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I will never buy from MedicAnimal again!

I was happy with my service from MedicAnimal until they got half of my order wrong. I didn't notice, because one half of my order was right and I'd had no problems with them in the past, so I didn't think to check that they'd sent me the right order. I didn't realise until I'd used one half of the order - one bag of food - and opened the other one, and saw that the kibbles were the wrong size. Then I looked on the bag. Instead of sending me two bags of special diet food for a cat with kidney disease, they'd sent one for a cat, and one for a dog with kidney disease. As I don't have a dog, let alone one with kidney disease, the food was of no use to me.

I phoned them up and explained what had happened. I was shocked when the man in customer services on the other end of the line told me that because their 60 day limit had expired, I was not entitled to a refund. When I told him that I had no food for my cat, he offered to SELL me another bag. I told him that I would take my business elsewhere, and put the phone down.

Thankfully, I'd heard of the Sale of Goods Act, and looked it up online. I found out that I had rights under the Act which meant that not only was I entitled to a replacement up to SIX MONTHS after purchase, but that I was entitled to use the part of the order which had been right. MedicAnimal had broken their contract with me, between buyer and seller, and were liable. I sent them an email listing the relevant clauses in the Sale of Goods Act of 1979, and mentioned also the Unfair Contracts Terms Act of 1977. Only after this was an apology offered, and a replacement bag of food sent. There was no goodwill gesture for the distress they had caused me, or the extra expense of having to buy an emergency extra bag of food from a vet because my cat needs a special diet. I had to threaten them with legal action before they did what they were required to do by law, and no more.

I wonder how many other people they have wronged because they don't know they HAVE rights?

I have given them two stars because they did give me satisfactory service until this happened.

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