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Gamestop..Gamers haven

Gamestop, WHere you can buy,sell,and trade console games.These guys have a lot of the market nailed down in my area.They get exclusive pre-order items,Day of release parties and they have just about anything you could ask for as a console gamer.

Over on the PC end of things they are phasing out the service.Sad but true.Of course that only applies to thier storefronts.The bulk of it seems to be done online now.They have gotten into the digital distrubution game now.

I have had a few bad experiences with them though,Inability to modify pre-orders from normal to collector editions,and midnight releases closing before the time I was told.But overall I have had fairly good dealings with gamestop.


RPG Gaming,Free Roaming-Gold Standard

For single player free roaming ROle playing games,These guys are simply the ones to watch and play.From my intorduction to the series with Daggerfall,I have been nothing short of amazed by the quality of the games these guys and gals put out.

No higher compliment can be given other than they set the bar of excellence in thier games.


RPG Games-Gold Standard

From the days of Baldurs gate to the star wars knights of the old republic and thier current releases of dragon age and mass effect,everything these guys have touched has been quality story telling and very enjoyable.

Thier current trend of overreaching and over simplifing the genre could hurt them a little bit,but so far I have loved everything they have put out.


No problems at all

Have purchesed several titles through D2D.No billing issues and everything that I should have gotten,I did.Web-support,when it was needed was realitively fast and correct.

(the one issue I had was due to a demo version conflicting with the d2d version)

Pricing is per the norm.A greater variety of seasonal sales than steam,and sometimes gets things quicker than steam.


The gold standard

For online game distrubution,Steam is the one everyone else wants to be.Title selection is top notch.Delivery meathod is simple.Pre-order bonus items are the norm.The sales are simply amazing.

You will pay a little bit more for the typical game here,but a paitent gamer can find unbeatable deals.

Gaming Dragons (UGK)

Great Job

In today's age of over priced games,these guys deliver the latest games at prices you cant touch anywhere else.The other guys sale prices,these guys have as thier normal prices.

Purchase system is simple and streamlined through paypal.I had my download and key within 5 min.The code registered without a problem on Games for windows live.

About the only possible downfall for these guys is I havent seen any pre-order bonus packs yet...but at the cost I cant complain!

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Hi!I am a long time pc gamer and I mostly focus on RPG's So most of my reviews will concern digital game distrubution.