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Extremely poor processes and systems

I lost my wallet and wanted to block my cards. Initially phone them up and was asked very specific account numbers which I didn't have on me. Eventually thy found a way to search for my name and address (basis!) and then asked me security questions. I failed on a security question about a direct debit to a credit card. I couldn't answer how much my last direct debit was, because I didn't know the amount. Obviously I don't know the amount as that's the reason for setting up the direct debit - not to worry about these numbers! Because I failed this question, I couldn't block my cards and had to go through a different team. This team was busy and didn't answer for 15 minutes so gave up. Once I phoned back, I got through and found out I had to go through two different teams to cancel my credit card and debit car - ridiculous! Lastly to my astonishement one team said my credit card would be deivered int he next 10 days and the other said the debit card would be deliver in the next 4 days. What a useless system. I am wanting my card to be at least a cheap second class post in the next two days and at least have the same times scales for different cards!

This just annoys me because Natwest has very poor processes and my job is to sort out these poor processes and put common sense back into systems!

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