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Formula One Autocentres

Stole money from car

Took my car to F1 AutoCentre in Cambridge (Barnwell Rd) today for 2 new tyres and an MOT. Just because of paranoia, I counted up how much money was in the coin tray right before I went in. When I picked up the car later, I checked before I'd even left the place and there was £3.45 missing. A petty theft, but still a theft. I took it up with the manager (Paul Wrench). He basically took the attitude of it just being my word against his staff, and offered to discount it from my next job with F1. Of course I said I wasn't likely to be coming back if F1 staff cannot be trusted. It wasn't the £3.45 itself - that's small change - it was that I would have expected him to be concerned and angry that his staff are dishonest. But he wasn't. Nor did he seem to express surprise nevermind shock.

In terms of the work, it's hard to tell for sure with the tyres only just on. They didn't try and fleece me with the MOT either (no artificial jobs). I did notice that while they put a seat cover on, the mechanic had oily gloves on when he got out of the car after bringing it to the front, so the steering wheel was a bit dirty (this is far from the only garage that does this sort of thing, although I'm not sure that's an excuse).

Irrespective, I won't be returning. If they are staffed with people who cannot be trusted, then I'm fundamentally not happy leaving a car with them - there are plenty of other garages.

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