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Took money then cancelled order

Ordered a camera at admittedly a good price at the time. The item was "in stock" but was "not available for store pickup" so I relented and paid the delivery charge. The estimated delivery date was more than 3 weeks in the future which wasn't great but it was a good deal so I was prepared to wait.

They took the money on the day of the order, and then with one week to go I receive a phone call saying that they couldn't fulfill it and would be cancelling the order and refunding the payment and that it could take another 3 to 5 days to see the refund. No explanation other than "we're sorry", no compensation, no offer of an alternative. Strangely the very same camera is available on their website, just in a different colour, but now over twice the price! I wonder why they didn't ship that one?!

In summary then, they took payment for an item they didn't have even though they claimed that they did, kept my money for 3 weeks, prevented me from buying an alternative product in the January sales, then cancelled even though they had an equivalent product in stock and they're "sorry"?

Shop elsewhere.

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