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Let's be objective...

Yes, Apple make beautiful products, but anyone in their right mind can see that they're at least double the price that they should be.

I was disenchanted with Windows so moved to Apple. It's the old old story. But I'm not going to sit here and tell you that Apple is the best thing since sliced bread, because it isn't. And shock, horror, Apple products do have problems. Admittedly not even a 100th of the problems Windows have, but they do have problems.

My advice to anyone would be, before paying for an operating system, have a look at Linux. You may be pleasantly surprised, not only at the interface, but also the price. It's free!


Oh dear

This is owned by the DSG group.

After Sales Customer service is legendary, for all the wrong reasons unfortunately.

I would have to be extremely desparate to shop there, as I would at PC World or Currys.

I would love it if DSG could work on their problems, but my experience has been pretty awful to date.


Starting to lag behind

I like the idea of being able to go into a shop that specialises in photography and actually talk to someone who knows what they're talking about.

What I don't like is the idea of seeing an 8GB memory card that's about three times the price of a 16GB one online, and that's where Jessops are seriously flawed.

Unless the prices become more competitive, I fear the writing is on the wall for Jessops. Such a shame as the brand is a household name and with a little care and attention to detail - i.e. getting prices more in line with competition - things could be very different.


Good value and good service

OK, just to make it clear I'm talking about the online service here, although I have to say, I find the shops excellent too.

Quite competitively priced on the whole, although they maybe need to keep their eye on to make sure they keep in line. A lot of people will just go for the cheapest option. Having said that, if HMV are selling it for a little bit more, I would go with HMV every time as I know it will get delivered on time, unlike some companies who seem competitive but it takes a lot of hassle to actually get your product.

I also like the Pure rewards system.

Good work, HMV!


Great service

The funny thing is, for some of the books they sell, they're only a penny cheaper than Amazon. That said, I much prefer giving my business to an outfit that specialises in books.

Great service, great website, great choice.

Does what it says on the tin, and what more can you ask for really?


Misleading and dreadful communications

I am very disappointed with the service from Zavvi. I ordered a DVD box set on 5/6/11 on the basis that the product is 'usually despatched in 3 days' (their words). When I hadn't heard anything by 10/6 I placed a query on their website. Days later when they hadn't responded, I tried to cancel, only to receive an email informing me that it wasn't possible to cancel, as the order was in process. I then called on16/6, and was told that the item was 'probably going to the warehouse really early'. When I mentioned that this was a present for Father's Day (19/6) I was told 'Yes - that should arrive in time'. Here we are on 20/6, and the item is still 'being processed'. This is very disappointing; if I could have awarded no stars I would, but the Trustpilot page won't let me. Come on Zavvi - get your act together!

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