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Simple, easy, satisfied

Ordered my items on the Mon, received them on the Wed, hassle free & got what I had asked for.
Thanks, satisfied customer.


Perfect service - Great Advice - Einburgh StJames Centre

I bought a new pair of trainers from SD a couple of weeks ago, I took them back yesterday to change them. I came across the manager (I think he was the manager on the floor). Anyway I asked him a couple of questions about style & comfort and before I knew it I was being looked after by no less than two of them, the floor manager & his assistant, who went out their way to accommodate my footwear needs. By the time I had left I had tried on at least 12 pairs of trainers.(I was encouraged to make sure the trainer I ended up buying was perfect for my feet)...even though I had already bought & they already had my money, they were so incredibly informative & helpful.
I left some 40min later with my choice of trainer & I know a hell alot more about insoles, low&high arches, gel support, cushioning. The crash course in trainers, I received in SD by this guy, means never again will I enter a sports shop & be spun a yarn by illinformed, money hungry assistants. So I would just like to say a million thanks to these guys. I didn't get the boys names - but as I said I think one of them was the floor manager & his smaller, slimmer, younger assistant were both excellent. Thanks guys.



This company are pathetic, the most unrespectful, incompotent, conning, chancers you will come across online. They take your money, then ignore you for weeks on end, then when they eventually respond they make up nonsense stories, as explanation for your item having not been delivered. They simply don't care one jot. I still have not received my order & they have decided to ignore me again.

I am now writting to the Sale of Goods Act, to make a complaint as should you: It is your right to make a complaint to the Sale of Goods Act, stating: The seller is legally bound to deal with the item, regardless of whether they are acting as a third party, as they are your point of contact - & as such they are resonsible for the items, as you have proof of purchase, which will be shown on your confirmation receipt mail or your bank statement.

I am claiming £200 from them as they delayed my film shoot, as my items did not arrive on time.

I would advise anyone who feels agrieved to do the same, as it's the only way to get ecrater & other dodgy online sellers off-line. & so protect ourselves in the future. I will be repeating this email in as many review strands as I can find - One honest review for each day that my order does not arrive. I don't mind doing this everyday. It makes me feel a little less angry at the way they have treated me.

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This company is simply a disgrace. Their customer service is a non-starter and they lie about items being delivered.

A next day delivery I ordered, still didn't arrive AFTER two weeks and still hasn't arrived. I received one response saying that they had tried to deliver - not true - we have orders coming in from all over Europe on a daily basis - and always have someone on hand to receive deliveries.


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