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Hate campaign???

I have sat and read the comments posted on this site with astonishment.

I have ordered form Osoo on several occasions and have had no problems whatsoever. There are always courteous, and delivery my order within the times frames promised. They are not scam artists and I have always been pleased with the service provided

I cant believe the way in which some people will say that all good comments posted on a site like this are "plants" to make the website look good and they are in fact...scam artists, etc,etc,etc....please use your brain!!! If this company were scam artists, they would not have been registered with companies house for nearly 6 years(you can check this on the companies house website, it is public information) also if, as alleged, they had not filed company accounts in 6 years, then again...they would be shut down!

It seems when someone has a gripe they will do everything they can to bring a company down. I am not saying you do not have the right to air your opinion, but you have no right to say that all the good rating are lies. After all, I could say all the bad ratings are lies by competitors to bring down the company reputation!

I have ordered many times form this company for expensive items such as a new server and several new LCD screens, and I have ever never had a problem...I am not saying they are perfect and never have any customers complaining, but I do feel that sometimes only the hard done by do the shouting and the people who are satisfied dont say anything, therefore leaving an overall bad impression of a decent company.

Take from this what you will!!!!

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