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Just incase you missed the subject, NEVER BUY FROM THIS COMPANY!

For a company that was founded in 1991, you'd expect them to know what they were doing by now. With the blip in 2012 where they went into administration, you'd expect them to want to rebuild their reputation and what better time to do that than with the release of the two next gen consoles, the XB1 and PS4. Right? Right? Wrong!

I've preordered an Xbox One Day One Edition with FIFA 14 Download and Call of Duty: Ghosts costing me £474.99. I ordered this on 14/08/13 and paid a £20 deposit which was confirmed by GAME via email.

On 06/11/13, I receive an email from GAME requesting I settle the outstanding balance of £454.99 to complete my preorder. This was completed almost immediately and payment was made again via PayPal. The payment was sent to the same address as my £20 deposit. I then receive a confirmation of payment from both PayPal and GAME.

Great! So far, so good!

On 14/11/13 I receive a further email stating with the subject "Your Next Gen Order Is At Risk - Please Complete Your Payment!‏" and in the body of the email - "We wrote to you recently about your payment for your next generation preorder(s), but it seems that you have not completed payment for your order(s)." WRONG!

So I thought I'd chase this up and give their customer services a ring. Thats when I discovered that GAME don't take incoming calls so I had to resort to the unhelpful web chat. I'm not convinced they even looked at my account and just said that if I've received a confirmation I'd receive the pre-order.

On 14/11/13 I emailed game outlining the above and it's taken them until today (18/11/13) to reply where they have merely stated:

"Thank you for your email.
I can confirm that we are still awaiting confirmation form PayPal on this payment.

If you have received confirmation from PayPal then this will act as evidence that you have paid for you order.

If you have any further queries please don't hesitate to contact us. "

Great, I've got evidence of an order, but WILL I GET MY CONSOLE?!!!

Is the role of a customer services advisor to help the customer sort out their query? Am I going to receive my console? What do I need to do to put it right? What can GAME do to put it right? Any chance of a call - my details were in the email I sent them initially.

So now I've decided to take them up on their "If you have any further queries please don't hesitate to contact us" by sending them a further email which they aim to reply to within 5 working days - great, the console is out in 4!

So, all in all, I'll have to wait until Friday to find out if I receive my console or not. If I don't, I'm £474.99 out of pocket and will have the hassle of trying to get it back. If I do receive it then great! But I won't go nowhere near this company again until their shoddy customer service is improved dramatically!


Can't fault my shopping experience!

I used this site to purchase a copy of dishonored on the Xbox. I was a bit unsure whether to buy from these as I'd never heard of them before. They were the cheapest so thought I'd give them a go.

I'm quite lazy when it comes to shopping with new retailers because I hate filling in forms to sign up. So I was delighted to see that all I needed to do was sign in with my PayPal details and the transaction was underway.

At 1425 on 12 oct I ordered the game. At 1459 I received a despatch email. The following day, on 13 oct, the game dropped through my letterbox. I'd like to see amazon beat that!

Easy transaction, received game next day. Don't need more than that! Only downside is that I wasn't expecting the game so soon and not had time to play it :(


Terrible customer services!

Sky famously do not value existing customers, especially those on top packages!

I was a customer with sky for over 3 years, paying £80+ a month for sports, movies etc. I got fed up that my mum, who pays about £30 a month kept getting 6 months free sports/movies flyers and I didn't, so I decided to cancel.

I completed the online form to request that my contract was terminated because I don't like to phone the call centre due to the price of the calls.

After completing the online form, I almost immediately received an automatic acknowledgement of my request stating I would receive a personal reply within 72 hours. A week and a half later, I received an email requesting my availability so someone from sky could call me. I replied with four separate dates outlining my availability. These slots came and went and no call was made.

I then received a further email, which was still within the timeframe of my slot availability previously provided requesting further availability times. I almost immediately replied and provided a further five time slots of availability, two of the slots being full weekdays.

These days came and went and I still didn't receive a reply, so I registered a complaint. That evening, I received a reply saying my sky would be cancelled.

I never once spoke to a human, other than a short, stroppy email stating my sky would be cancelled. Sky couldn't be bothered to call me so I got the impression that they didn't value me as a customer. OK, I am one customer, but no doubt there are lot's more like me who sky also don't value.

Awful company! A month later, I'm now £80 a month better off without sky and not missing it at all!


Shocking for Pre-Orders!

Pre-Ordered Modern Warfare 3 for delivery on 08/11/11. They didn't despatch the game until 1900 on 07/11/11, so there was no surprise when I didn't receive it on release day...or a day after release day. I've been off work the last 2 days and wasted them waiting for the postman.

So.... I contact customer services who respond with in not so many words... "sorry, Royal Mails fault, just be patient". Royal Mails fault that customers that shopped with 'GAME' received theirs before amazon even despatched theirs. If they'd despatched it in time, I'd have received it on time!

I have now deleted my Amazon account and will avoid them like the plague and will strongly advise anyone against using them for pre orders!


Reserve and don't collect

I thought the whole point of "reserve and collect" was that you reserve it online, travel to the store and COLLECT it.

I reserved an item online last night to collect today, travelled 10 miles. Not that far no, but I was driving towards Manchester City Centre.

I arrive and am told that my item isn't in stock and they won't be getting anymore.

So I drive another 10 miles home with 20 miles worth of fuel less in my tank and 2 hours of my day off wasted!

Don't bother with reserve and collect. Infact, don't bother with PC World!


Pro's and con's

Unfortunately, most people only tend to comment when they have had a bad experience and therefor most of the time, negative reviews far outweigh the positive reviews.

However, in the short space of time I have been using this website, it is these negative reviews that are more valuable in my opinion. I think it is a good way to see if the companies actually care about the negative feedback and if they're responding to it.

For example, I left a negative review for a company. The company was alerted to this review and contacted me for further information. I obliged and they investigated my complaint and resolved the situation. They made an unhappy customer happy again.

I think this is an ideal tool for customer service teams to show publicly how they're willing to resolve a situation.


Limited availability

I know a number of people with virgin and I'd love to sign up with them for the fibre optic broadband and TV but availability is so poor in allot of areas, especially where I live. Unfortunately, sky know I can't get virgin so I don't get decent offers at the end of my contract :o(


Not as good as it used to be

I've been attending music festivals for years, and I'd primarily use this website for line-up rumours. It used to be great, however, in recent years, the rumours aren't as great as they used to be. I don't think this is a fault of efestivals though, I think this is more to do with the fact that organisers are being allot more secretive.


Unlimited Membership

Cineworld itself is very expensive but there are excellent ways to save money such as 2 for 1 deals on Orange Wednesdays. Bargain Tuesdays. The best deal is the unlimited card!!! £15 a month to watch as many films as you want in a month. 2 films in a month and you've got your money back. Me and my girlfriend had one each which meant it was always easy to find something to do. However, we stopped going so it became expensive so we cancelled.


OK, but not Great

Yes you can find virtually any song you want and its great for finding them hard to find tracks, however itunes does tend to be overpriced!

Also, maybe I'm getting old but I'd rather buy the CD's.


Great for latest news

Sky Sports is usually the best place for the latest football news and transfer rumours. If its on Sky Sports, its usually a more reliable source.

I especially love the paper talk secton.

Halifax Online

New Customer

I'm new to Halifax as a reward customer and a joint account ultimate reward customer and so far I'm happy with the services offered.

I find the online banking nice and easy and they make it easy to open up savings accounts online.

What I'm most happy about, which my previous bank couldn't do is transfer balances to another bank within 2 hours. Most of the time its allot less than 1 hour


Get with the times!

Shocking company!

I have recently opened another bank account with a competitor and have also recently moved home. I transferred about £1500 from my Santander account to my other account online.

A few days later I had trouble signing into my online account so I contacted customer services who advised me that they suspected a fraudulent transaction on my account and so i had to answear a few questions to get my account up and running again. They advised me that they spotted the £1500 but couldn't stop it. I received a letter a few days later saying that they couldn't stop the £1500.

Luckily, it was going into my own account so there was no concern, but Santander noticed it but didn't do anything about it.

Further to this, I can't believe in this day and age that it still takes at least 2 working days to do a balance transfer with Santander online!

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can't fault it

I used to subscribe to the 3 discs at home at a time.

Usually got a 3 day turnaround for discs. 1 day from mine to depot. 1 day to pick and post. Then you'd receive them on the 3rd day. Very quick.

The only reason I stopped subscribing was because I wasn't really watching the movies. But i get free trials from time to time so I usually take that up.



Whats not to like about the website of the biggest team in the world.

Easy to navigate and bang upto date!

Only issue is that the message boards are a bit confusing! Plus there tends to be allot of tough guys behind computer screens stirring up trouble. so i stay out of there for that reason.



I have never ordered online because I prefer going into the store. I love the fact that the staff are happy to let you mess around with their products and don't pressure you with sales tactics. Infact, I liked it when I tried to purchase my first mac after only ever using windows, the staff wanted to make sure I really wanted a mac and wasn't rushing into it. The staff seemed passionate and talked me through how to use MacOS. I then purchased my mac and am very happy with it. I can't walk past an Apple shop without wanting to have a play around with stuff!


Top 5 websites!

This is in one of my top 5 websites and I always use it for the latest news and reviews on games. Plus I've got to get my "daily fix". My only minor gripe is its american and all release dates, prices etc are american. Thats the only thing that stops this site having 5 stars.



I was out when these delivered an item so they left a card. Great! So I arranged a re-delivery online. I waited at home all day and it never arrived so i had to re-arrange another delivery and waited in all day and it turned up right at the end of the day. Wasted two full days for these to deliver one item.

Have you tried contacting customer services? Good luck!



This is the one stop shop for advice on pretty much anything!

If you want to apply for a credit card, these show you the best cards to apply for. If your a student at uni or thinking of going to uni, there's an article that outlines how the government cuts can affect you. The list is endless!

If you need money advice then there's no better place.

The forums are great with plenty of knowledgable people offering good advice!

Find Dvd


Anything that saves you money has got to be good!

Before I purchase a DVD, Computer Game or Music CD, I will always check this website or the sister CD and Computer game sites before I make a purchase!

I canot fault the website. The iphone app is also handy when I'm in a shop :oD


Love it!

I absolutely love this website! This is easily in my top 5 most used websites! I'm a big movie-a-holic and there is very little you cannot find out about a movie on here! If you can't find it, ask in the forums and someone will usually have the answer. There really is no point in any other movie websites existing!

Plus it does computer games too :o)


Ticket touts.

These should be shut down and ticket touting for gigs made illegal like football and you should be able to get refunds on tickets purchased if you cannot attend an event.

Ticket touts buy up all the tickets and sell them for overly inflated prices, preventing the real fans from getting tickets for face value.

Kind of suspicious when your sister site sells out big events instantly but getmein always has them from the moment they go on sale... prime seats included.

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Ticket touts?

I am a huge music fan and cannot always avoid using ticketmaster. I've never had problems with them if i can order tickets but my issue is the link with these and their sister site, and their astronomical booking fee's.

I'm suspicious when tickets which are in high demand sell out almost immediately on ticketmaster, yet will have them at overly inflated prices.

Do these tickets ever appear on ticketmaster?



My girlfriend tried to give online shopping a try but we couldn't find our address because our house number wasn't listed when trying to arrange delivery. My GF contacted customer services and spoke to someone who didn't have a clue. They insisted that we lived in a particular number house but we assured them we didn't and our number wasn't listed. They again insisted we lived in a particular number and again we assured them we didn't, we're experts in the field of knowing our address. They didn't have a clue so my girlfriend hung up.

She then tried to sign into the account and couldn't so again recontacted customer services who stated her account was "corrupt" and she'd need to open a new one.

I opened a new account in my name and the GF shopped. We paid for a 2 hour delivery slot and waited. We received a phonecall 15 minutes after the delivery slot expired stating the driver couldn't find the address. When you pay for a delivery, lateness isn't acceptable unless in extreme circumstances and then i'd expect a call to notify me. The driver eventually arrived and he was so miserable and items were missing.

I then received an online feedback survey asking my opinion which was ignored.

As for my mum, crikey! She won't even step foot into the store after her online experiences with Asda, but I won't go into that. All in all, Asda not good! Will give tesco a try.

Just Eat

Redeemed themselves

I initially gave a 1* review of just-eat and I feel that it is only fair to update my review to reflect the customer service received since.

On Monday 20 June at about 1930 I carried out a search for my postcode on SK15 and ordered a meal from "Kurry Hut Denton" as I have done on two previous occasions. However, on the third occasion they stated I live out the delivery area.

I then received a friendly courtesy call from just-eat to advise me of this and they apologised on behalf of the restaurant. I thought this was a nice touch.

I then tried to make a second order on the same evening from another restaurant under the SK15 postcode from "Royal Tandoori". This was approved and an estimated delivery time was displayed. I then received a rude phonecall from the restaurant moaning about the distance they'd have to travel to deliver and said they'd have to cancel it and abruptly asked why did I order from them?

I then assumed that the second order which was approved would result in money coming out of my account so i went on the web based live chat to try and stop the money being taken out of my account. I felt that the operator didn't seem all that interested but in defence of just-eat, this could be due to the barrier of the web based system which isn't very personal.

I was a bit annoyed about my experience at this stage and wrote a negative review which, if you are reading this is now is this updated review.

Andrew Carpenter, from just-eat has then replied to my previous review requesting I give him further details, which I did. Andrew promptly replied to my email within 24 hours stating that he'd spoken to both restaurants who rejected my order. The Kurry Hut apologised as they were busy and wouldn't have been able to deliver to me but they will in future which I'm happy about cause they do good curries! The Royal Tandoori were removed from my postcode which will also prevent others from the SK15 postcode experiencing the same difficulties.

I feel that the service Andrew offered is second to none as he could have replied with a generic apologetic email and left it at that, but he looked into the complaint and took steps to try and prevent it from happening again. I cannot ask more than that because my initial gripe lies with the restaurants and not just-eat.

After my experience, which by my own admission as I have made over 50 orders with just-eat, this is the first problem I have had. Generally they are very good and the issues tend to be with the restaurants and not just-eat... so read the reviews for the restaurants and write your own because it'll help others.

My faith has been restored with just eat and I will happily continue using them when I want to do something nice for the girlfriend (i.e. get me out of trouble)

22 June 2011

Reply from

Good afternoon Mark,

Please can you email me with full details so I can investigate this fully for you

Pleas email

Kind regards
Andrew Carpenter

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