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Product already used..?

Well, I purchased "SteelSeries Siberia" headphones and I assumed that everything would be nicely packaged. However, that was not the case. It arrived in a very messy box, which had SteelSeries box inside, so that's understandable. However, before opening SteelSeries box, I noticed some damage to the box and when I inspected the headphones, I saw plenty of dust and some "cloth particles"? I'm not quite sure how to describe them. The plastic box on which the headphones were laying down was also damaged.


An absolute disgrace.

Recently, 4 days ago to be precise I have purchased "ACER Predator G5900-1 Refurbished Desktop PC". Basically I bought a computer to put it in short terms. I knew that it was refurbished so I didn't expect a perfect looking desktop.

However, just moments ago, I have received the product and when I opened the package and looked at the items, it was quite a horrible. There was a lot of dust at the top of the desktop, as well as on the sides of it. There were a few minor scratches (which I don't mind). What disgusts me the most were some kind of white stains on the sides of the desktop. Basically the computer has not been cleaned at all.

Now you may think that I was angry because of this, but no, because it would be silly to be angry about something temporary. What started to enrage me was the fact that the computer was broken in several places. The opening of the DVD was completely broken, the part where you are supposed to put your hard drive was broken as well, it did not close properly.

Now of course you may think that this wouldn't be enough to give 1*. However, when I tried to turn on the computer it did NOT turn on at all. Basically I couldn't even start the computer.

I was so angry at that point, so I obviously called the customer support to find out what should they do about this issue. Surprisingly I spoke calmly and very politely despite the fact that I was raging inside. I must admit, the staff have been quite helpful.

Firstly I had to wait 8 minutes to be able to talk to someone because lines were "busy". When I spoke to the person, he took some of my details and then transferred me to "Emily". She was the one who arranged the faulty product to be picked up at the specific date which I was satisfied with. At the end of the conversation Emily said that she would send me an e-mail regarding my new product (when it would arrive), as well as any other helpful information regarding the issue. However, she NEVER did send me that e-mail....


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