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Murder & $90 Million Fraud from Church Minister

Erna Bryan a Church Minister at the COGOP Hazard Drive, Clarendon, May Pen.
Erna Bryan, husband and Alicia Bryan murdered their own sick cousin in hospital and robbed him of well over $90 Million JMD Plus his 2 houses.

Please keep in mind that I have all proof. The Bishop, overseer and head of the church done NOTHING. This was also covered up my the police until the police told what happened.

This church deals in ‪Witchcraft‬ too! I will be making a Youtube video to expose every single detail. You cannot serve God and Mammon, so this is why God took Pastor Erna Bryan away in hell. Greed kills.

People who have tuned into Power radio may have heard all about this facts. The tax office and etc. have also been informed. If this review gets deleted I will just make it more public by going to the press.

Aiv Grenoble

Merci beaucoup - Thank You very Very Much

I highly recommend this free legal service. I have used them twice and if they can not help you they will point you in the right direction. I wish I used their services years ago.

You can get free legal advice by appointment within a few days. You will have a sense that they will support you without any prejudgement or any red-tape etc.

I would like to say a massive THANK YOU to Mme. M. Di Benedetto for her professional services today.


Completely useless HR Dept.

Completely useless HR Dept. Time wasters. I do not recommend this Co. esp if you have to deal with Human resources in Switzerland. Think of yourself as lucky if your have your phone calls muted while in conversation as it doesn't get any better than that I am afraid.


Deliciously Amazing

Good food and good service from happy people. I just wish they were open on Sunday's.
Highly recommended!


Backside blown away by Gastroenteritis - Little SUSHI, Grenoble

Now changed their name to LittleSUSHI former name SushiMe same owners

I had food poisoning TWICE from LittleSUSHI in Grenoble. The first time was very very bad this was at the address on rue CONDORCET I was ill for two weeks and needed urgent medical help from hospital.

The second time was at BELGRADE also in Grenoble. I knew something was wrong with the salmon because it had a strange taste. Later on that day I was sick non stop running to the toilet. I had to the Doctors the next morning as I knew it was what I had eaten at LittleSUSHI.
I also had a stool test done and other tests which came back as Gastroenteritis. My GP told me not to eat there again but I didn't need my Doctor to tell me that as the diarrhoea and vomiting every 15 minutes was enough to put me off for life. I am lucky that is was not Escherichia coli (E. coli).

I contacted LittleSUSHI and told them but they said " Sorry it is not us " The thing is I never had anything else to eat on that say and the fish tasted off. My husband was also sick but not as much as I was. I had to also take time off from work too!

I am more angry that the manager was very quick to deny that our gastroenteritis was down to them. Shame as I was going there from when it first opened back in 2007. I will never be going back there. AVOID THIS PLACE. They are lucky that I did not sue them. I have reported then to the local health department.


Malhonnêtes! Arnaqueurs ! RIP OFF - Not Safe for Women

ALL WOMEN BE CAREFUL I will not mention all the details of what happened to a woman in the sauna and Holmes Place Geneva done nothing. The man came back twice to do the same again. You can fin out more details if you do a internet search about Holmes Place Geneva.

According to Swiss consumer protection law (art. 10 al. 1 let. e Ordonnance sur l'indication des prix), Sports centers  like Holmes Place MUST PRESENT THEIR PRICES! As you may or may have not noticed, there are no brochures, flyers or anything printed of that sort to show their prices! Outrageously, In one week, 3 similar clients - no special corporate price or anything - received different offers from the same representative!

And the private trainers? I caught a glimpse of their price lists once when the trainer was trying to sell a few classes. There were different prices listed that increased gradually with the title " VIP 1" to.."VIP 6" !!!

As the French would say, their business is " a la tete du client"!


Disappointingly incompetent - AVOID

100% Disgusted with Virgin NIGHTMARE!!!!!
I waited 3 months for connection only to find that they never activated my new account because their system was down but never contacted me. I was calling them every month but they never told me about this error until I decided to cancel everything.
After waiting over 45 minutes on the phone they will just say hello and hang up on you.


Better than Amazon

Free shipping and very quick despatch. I wish they had more titles though


So far so good

A easy way to get hold of rare books


Amazing - Very Happy with ease of service

The people are very professional and non judgemental. Very easy process to create your own company. The people are also confidential and not like the other government civil servant workers. They put French bank works to shame as I really had experienced a massive difference between the whole lost of them, thats if you know about the notorious french administration system.

I highly recommend Urssaf !
Merci bcp !!!

Pole Emploi

100% BULL et pas confidentiels

I am glad that I no longer have to deal with any BS from this people. They are useless and are linked with the whole local network which they report to about everything.

I have a few nightmare stories about the Pole Emploi but I believe my comments will be deleted if I post them so I would rather not say anything about my personal experience.
However I was very shocked to see a member of staff make a gesture as she was leaving the room with a job seeker.

The funny thing is I never had any need to join this service as I was not receiving any money form them ever, but had to due to purely administrational reasons.

Capital Office

THE BEST- VERY GOOD - Happy customer :D

Super easy to set up and use, so GO FOR IT!

The lady named Pat at Capital Office has always been AMAZING!
They have very good rates and services. I highly recommend them.
I never had any problems.
Very down to earth and professional company.
Thank you Pat
from a former customer in 2012 Box#965 from France.
I will use their Capital Office again without any debts.


Mail & Credit card details are NOT SAFE - Many Over charges

The well spoken couple at 405 Kings Road, Chelsea, London are scum to say the least.
They are known to Trading Standards for Lotto scams. I informed the police, MBE HQ and my bank.

I was over charged on weight and had a credit card fraud on my brand new visa card -which they only had. My Visa was used to book holidays and many pizzas. Keep in mind that they have access to your mail and junk they send out. Not worth the risk so I went to Capital-Office instead, who have a amazing service and prices.

Don't be fooled by Theresa posh voice.... Actress

Groupe Courlancy

La kleptomanie - La femme de ménage voler mon iPhone - Quelle horreur !!!!

VOL Gyné dept. Polyclinique Courlancy, 38 rue de Courlancy, Champagne-Ardenne, 51100 Reims

La femme de ménage voler mes choses Quelle horreur !!!! Salle 543, 5ème étage.
Je suis allée aux toilettes pour moins de 3 minutes et quand je suis revenue dans mon lit j’ai remarqué que mon téléphone portable avait disparu de ma table de chevet. J’ai demandée à la femme de ménage si elle savait où était mon téléphone puisqu’elle était présente dans la chambre et elle m’a dit qu’elle avait aucune idée où il se trouvait.

Peu après elle est devenue très anxieuse quand je lui ai fait remarquer que je n’allais pas accepter simplement que mon téléphone disparaisse. A ce point la femme de ménage me dit que mon téléphone était dans la poubelle mais je lui ai fait remarquer qu’il y avait plusieurs mètres de distance entre la table et la poubelle et qu’il ne pouvait y être. De plus j’ai vérifié la disposition de mes affaires sur a table avant de me rendre aux toilettes.

J’ai compris très vite que c’était la femme de ménage qui avait volé mon téléphone en le mettant dans la poubelle, changeant le sac de la poubelle avec mon téléphone à l’interieur. Une très bonne manière de voler n’est ce pas? La femme de ménage me retourna néanmoins mon téléphone pensant que j’oublierais l’histoire.



I will keep this short as possible

• HP always hangs up the phone

• Very bad aftercare service

• I have lost count on my Printer replacements JUNK JUNK JUNK JUNK

• DRINKS INK. The ink runs out very fast esp. when I only use my printer 3 times a month with 5 sheets of paper at most.

• You can not use refil inks in any of the HP printers because they have up dated their software which Fcuks up your printer if you do not use their own brand.

• I was lied to by a IT guy because he told me that it was OK to use a new ink in my defected machine. However this cartridge was not used and I was unable to use it in my new printer. So that was money down the drain.
I also question their privacy policies because they seem to know my activities on the internet.

Here is tip which I suggest you do : NEVER update the printer software. if your printer is working find you do not have to do it. HP only wants more control of there clients.

I will NEVER buy HP again ever!! ADIEU HP even though I know other brands are just as band.


Very BAD Etsy Customer support - Wonderful items

Etsy is over hyped big time. They do not get involved with disputes and claim to have a escalation process but the button never works.

I have sent many emails to support but they never replied until I contacted them via twitter.
You will never get a refund if you do not received your item when the seller has a receipt, regardless if there was no tracking.

They also seem to be in full support of scammers and will mute thread posts in their forums, so will never waste me time there.

I hate the way they have changed their feedback policy. I bet this was changed to stop buyers manipulating their own 5 star rave reviews, only to cancel after and get a refund.

>>>>>>>> I am going back to Ebay

Etsy you need to have a telephone (local rate number) customer support service.
Also you need to stop sellers from modelling earrings as it is very unhygienic to say the least.

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666 illuminati ??? - Worse than the NOTW

I used to visit this site many times a day until I noticed that I was just wasting my life away reading this rubbish. I am so glad that I have stopped going to this so called illuminati site.

I am very good at decoding the symbols. The "M" is has vav = 6 hebrew alphabet three times or am I just living in paranoid city?

AVOID buying into fear and the mind games the media plays. My all means this is not the only paper that do it. I believe they all do, but this one is just picked up from where the other dead paper left off. No I am not stupid either TrustPilot, FaceBook, Google, Youtube and the list goes on and on are all in the same game.

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Hardcore NON-STOP ADVERTISING, Fake Profiles et surveyed screened messages- Adieu

Meetic used to be so fun back in the day when they first stared many years ago. However I joined at the later part of 2013 and only wanted one month just to test it out.

The price was a joke and each time it's a trap to lock you in to paying. So you can't join and cancel your 1 month payment as you have to wait until they tell you when you can do it like 48 hrs before the next due date.

I made no contact with other members and I question if some of the profiles are real.

I have noticed from the other nightmare reviews that Meetic have become a bit snobby since their success. I know of real people getting married but I find this site like day light robbery.

I am happy with my new found love but I this was not via Meetic.
I do not recommend it at all because I felt trapped and it was a waste of money and time. I noticed this about 20 minutes after I joined. The search results were a joke. to say the least.

It did not feel fun in any way. This has put me off dating sites for life. I am glad to say that I do not need a dating site in my life anymore.

Adieu Meetic


NEVER buy anything electrical - NO REFUNDS or exchanges - Zéro et service client nul

If you want to buy book it is very good but anything else please buy elsewhere.

I have been buying from the Fnac for 15 years and I have had many good experiences but I have learnt never to buy anything electrical because they do not care if you have a problem with brand names. They will tell you that you have to contact the manufacture. So I just buy pens and low value things. I do not buy CD's DVD's or anything electrical because I have had too many nightmares and felt very cheated after buying. Apple are aware to this major problem.

Also the staff need to know about the products of what they are selling. They never seem to have any idea of the details of the products in their own dept.


Defected gas heater

I was sold a defected heater. I asked for a refund but they told me no. So I took legal action.
Getting my money back was another nightmare. I paid with visa but they told me that they would send me a cheque but never did. When i toll legal action they refunded me back to my visa card.
AVOID Favex.

You will also find lots of their heaters online for sale on French private sale websites which I will not name but you are asking fro trouble if you buy them.
Pure Junk!


Received numerous defected products - NIGHTMARE

I was sold a defected heater and expired CO alarm. I had no reply for a at least a week to my emails or phone calls. So I wrote a email to cancel for a full refund with the reason within 4 days. However this is when my problem started with la boutique de bob.

I was told to it was my fault and they told me to contact the manufacturers one of which was their sister company. When I called the manufacturers carbon monoxide alarm they told me that la boutique de bob had sold me an out of date product and they should not have even supplied it to me. I was told that legally it was the la boutique de bob who is at fault and is trying to pass on the blame. This product was 2 years out of date and was useless.

Getting my money back was another nightmare.
AVOID a boutique de bob and Favex but Butagaz even though all the same Company are very helpful.


Lost over €2,000 - insurance cover never paid for my damaged parcels

Colissimo AKA as LaPoste insurance cover for lost or damaged parcels is a scam. WHY? because I have paid for cover for many years and only to find that they find all the excuses not to pay out.

I paid for nothing, I had all the proof they wanted and the receiver of my parcels took photos and informed the shipping Co. instantly but Colissimo international do nothing.

Colissimo told me that if I made my claim by letter they would never pay out. The woman in the Colissimo international dept. gave me her name but I know that was a code word for them to hang up on me anytime I called about my claim.

Alexandra from Colissimo told me that she would put in both of my claims but this was not true.
It takes at least 90 days before they look into your claim and after that they will just send you a generic response saying that the receiver for my goods never sent in evidence when they contacted them. This is such a lie because I am the one who has a contract with Colissimo as I am the sender. Also they never even contacted the recipient.

So if I send goods I never pay for insurance as this is how Colissimo make their money.
It is a racket to say the least.

Keep in mind that this happened to me more than once!!!


Virtual customer support - AVOID the hassle. I have been SCAMMED

I have ordered before a few times this year with no problems but I had a Scam seller that gave me a fake tracking number for an address in the north when I live in the south of the country.

The seller kept on playing games and didn't want to answer my question. I did contact the seller before I placed my order and everything was perfect. Very fast response and the item was in stock. Then seller told me to cancel as they didn't have my size and they gave me a link for something that I didn't want. Then deleted their web shop.

However the worst thing is I bought into the idea that I would get protection as a buyer but when the seller delete their shop and doesn't respond and my fake tracking shows up ad delivered to an unknown address. I wasn't happy to say the least.

They have no contact on there site. You can chat to customer service all you want but it is only a virtual help that sends you round in circles. I have been scammed.

I contacted the site via Twitter but they just gave me a link to their virtual assistant.

Keep in mind that you will not get a genuine brand name as they are ALL fake items. Yes it's OK if you want to find something cheap but the quality is bad and this site is an nightmare.
I came her because I thought it was better than DHGate but they are all the same rubbish.

Now I will have to go claim my money back from Visa charge back.

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Cest 2 Euros Service a Grenoble - Mal honest

I went to the "Cest 2 Euros" C'est deux euros 20 avenue Alsace Lorraine 38000 GRENOBLE. The cashier was chatting away non stop on the telephone and didn't care much about doing her job. She didn't even give me a receipt for my items.

I wanted to change one of the items but because I wasn't given a receipt they refused to do an exchange. Keep in mind that I didn't want a refund and I spoke to the cashier who served me.
She told her supervisor that yes she was on the phone this morning but they bot insisted it was because they she was talking to the manager. Yeah right! and they always give receipts.

This was totally untrue and to prove the fact they never gave the woman before me a receipt either. They practice dishonesty and I will never go back to this cheap shop.

I told the woman where to go and she told me the same too!
After all you get what you pay for and they service is just the poor service one will ever get from these bottom of the range shops.

I find it amazing that the casher was looking in the bin for the receipt that she meant to give me. There were many other receipts in the bin. I will no longer buy from this dishonest shop.



I never had a reply to my emails regarding a refund for my missing order. I had to take it up with paypal and wait 30 days then I was given a refund by paypal not Karen Millen.

Ted Baker

AVOID ordering online - BLACKMAIL REFUND by customer services manager

I am in the process of taking legal action against Ted Baker. The customer service is a joke. They will also lie to you and delay responding if they respond at all, as they seem to have a habit of not answering their telephone.

I have waited 9 MONTHS for a reply but they just ask me to resend the email.
Waited NINE MONTHS for refund on gift cards that I could not use. The customer services manager told me that they are refunding me out of a good will gesture. Helllllooooo it is my right! I am fully aware of the Sales of Goods Act! You have breached your contract with me.

Keep in mind that spent well over that over the nine months trying to get my money back.

This was by the Customer services Manager. I have the proof and if this review gets reported. I will just make a very long YOU TUBE video , Facebook, etc. with all my {{ evidence }}
I will not be muted!!!

I've bought gift cards that I can not use online. There site has not been accepting gift cards for months now. They will never get it fix while the sale is still on.

Please Please Please contact Trading standards and report them if you live in the UK if you live in Europe please contact The European Consumer Centre for Services ( ECC net ) They will act on your behalf.

If you still want to order online after reading this please do order via there concession stores. e.g Harrods, Selfridges, House of Fraser shipping fees is costly!!! or ASOS etc. as you will not have to deal with any rubbish or less of it at least. I have found the customer service in shops wonderful though.

Just imagine all the people who have received gift cards for Christmas and can't even use them online. Nor can they use them in a store if a live in another part of the country hundreds of miles away. Plus my gift cards are in GBP I can only order in Euros however there website is still not accepting gift cards regardless of currency.

Keep in mind that almost a year later customers still can not use there gift cards online.
You are not above the law.

After over 17 years of shopping from Ted Baker way before they even started selling ladies clothes I will no longer give them my money.

p.s Keep in mind that my answering machine in on 24/7 so you can leave a message or email me. ALL in coming calls with caller ID withheld are logged. Fooling nobody!!

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I always receive a unprofessional service when I go Orange in Grenoble. They would take your name down then forget about you. They would look at you as if you are a piece of shit.

The worst thing is that there is a young sales assistant by the name of Stephanie who is a total air head in every sense of the word. She is very fake, talks to clients and other staff as if she is the queen, a snob. Her whole attitude is very bad.

When I subscribed to their service Stephanie was adamant that I told her my profession. I told her that it was private and I do not have to disclose such info as it is not important for my contract with orange. She kept on with her stupid bully like manner.

Also keep in mind that if you ask them not to put you on the public phone book. List rouge, they will still SELL your phone number to other companies. This is a fact because I never gave anyone my phone number yet I receive lots of sales calls but under another name. Don't be fooled if they tell you no they don't do that because they do.

YOU WILL RECEIVE ABOUT 30 CALLS PER WEEK FROM TELE MARKETING COMPANIES WHICH ORANGE GIVES THEM YOUR NUMBER. This is a fact WHY? Because I NEVER gave anyone my home phone number. It only had to be Orange.

Do not even think about going to SFR or Virgin either because they are just as bad.

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Stephen Turoff - USES HYPNOSIS - You will be in a TRANCE!

Please beware that this man uses hypnosis. I went to see him and I know that he uses the handshake induction and confusion technique. These are both techniques used in hypnosis.
I have more dirt on this man but I will save it until later.

If only theses coach loads of people in wheel chairs would go to a Hypnotherapist in the first place.

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