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con artists, how the hell do they get away with this?

Had a 2 year contract with three, after setting the direct debit with them, they took 12 upfront payments of £47 (£564) which absolutely rinsed my bank account straight away, called them up and they told me i had to prove it before they refunded me, they wanted me to scan my passport and driving licence, my monthly bank statements and a letter from natwest showing that it was them (hutchinson 3g communications) that done this, I reluctantly canceled my contract straight away and now have a debt collection agency chasing me for the remainder of the contract, am £564 less than when I started and had a "default" next to my credit score so I'm struggling to get another contract, how the hell are these fools allowed to do this?
Currently in the process of going to court over this!
Christopher L M Davies

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