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I ordered a new hose assembly for a Henry vacuum cleaner that had been damaged by careless treatment.
This saved the considerable cost of buying an entirely new cleaner - which is sometimes the only recourse nowadays when something is damaged. The rest of the unit was working fine.
(I wouldn't throw a away an entire car if an easily replaceable component could be obtained at moderate cost!).
Communication througout was very good, and the only drawback, if any, was a few day's delay in arriving, but do understand that parts may have had to be ordered in from the supplier and the slowness of the mail these days this was a minimal inconvenience and quite acceptable.
It was also very pleasing to note that the part offered and received was original equipment - I always hesitate to buy pattern parts for anything, which sometimes fall short of quality and/or specification.
I have found this applies to most products, but it's always comes down to "you gets what you pays for", in my experience.
Henry is now working as he should!
Would personally always try these folk again to see if spares are available for damaged equipment, and recommend others to do the same.



I'd been asked to valet a car for a friend of the wife, a little favour I sometimes do for folk that ask.
Having run out of several products to do this, and because my local Motor Factor no longer supplies the brand I prefer, I resorted to "Halfrauds",* only because the car needed to be spruced up quickly for a special occasion.
*This was, of course, my fault for not "re-stocking" stuff before I needed it!. a little careful if you have to use them.
Their pricing is, ridiculously exensive from every item from a screw to a battery.
Their "special offer" or "promotional" prices on many products are no such thing.
The particular items I bought (containing 325ml) were actually dearer than the larger 500ml that I usually use, even taking into account the supposed "discount". In fact I could have bought a litre for a couple of pounds more elsewhere had I had the time to order and wait, which in future I certainly will, even if it delays the job getting done!!.
Please be really sure you must use them before being robbed to pay for huge stores with brightly lit displays of overpriced goods.



The alloy wheels on my 2003 Yaris Verso were definitely showing their age.
Peeling paint and exposed alloy with some signs of pitting and corrosion was making an otherwise quite tidy car look decidedly scruffy .
Once first contact had been made, the whole refurbishment process was made very easy by the very friendly local Smartalloys chap (Jim).
He advised at all points, kept in regular contact and even worked around my none-too-easy shift pattern.
To finish off, and included in the very reasonable price, he even fitted and balanced the tyres supplied by myself.
The finish he achieved exceeded my expectations.



I've recently made two purchases from Camskill, and can only say that their service is first class.
Communication is excellent, and the goods were delivered very promptly.
It's a refreshing change these days to get such efficient and friendly service, and branded products at reasonable prices.
I've always been a believer in "buy cheap, buy twice" and "you gets what you pay for".
I don't mind paying a little more for good quality products that I have long experience of working as they claim, and in the case of brakes, as in this case, would never compromise.
Well done, all at Camskill.


I've stopped bothering looking anywhere else!
In my opinion it would be difficult to better the service I've enjoyed.
> Online ordering is easy. Constant contact and communication at every stage of the transaction is given. These guys actually CARE about their customers.
> I mistakenly ordered incorrect tyres on one occasion, and the efficient, friendly way the problem was resolved with just one 'phone call was brilliant.
> Deliveries are always at the selected Fitting Centre on my arrival.
(Some other folk have said that they were disappointed with their Centre, but it would appear that Blackcircles DO respond to their comments and actually DO contact them!).
> My preferred brand of tyre is always readily available at very reasonable prices. (I do not buy "cheap/budget" tyres!!).
> The most recent order I made was for supply only of 4 tyres, as the guy doing some re-furbishing of the wheels on a newly-acquired car for me was more than happy to fit them as part of the deal.
I ordered at 14.00 on one day, and the courier was ringing my doorbell at 10.00 the following morning!
> Inevitably Im going to need tyres for my motorcycle - no guesses who'll be supplying them, and hopefully have a reliable local centre to fit them without mashing expensive wheels doing it!!!


THEY may THINK theyre good!

I had one small "supermarket trolley" scratch about 5cm. long to be fixed and a dent in the petrol filler flap of my car.
The rather brusque manager of the depot I visited did condescend to look at it and supplied an estimate, and wanted to fit a new filler flap and spray it. This would involve quite some dimantling of the interior to remove and refit, plus the price of a new flap, of course.
The estimate seemed to me to be plucked from the air at over £200 including VAT, I also got the distinct impression they were not really interested in taking on the work at all, and that I would cough up blindly thinking this was cheap.
On my way home from what I thought was a rather wasted journey, I despondantly called at a local bodyshop just out of interest, fully expecting that they would not undertake such minor stuff, as most are busy with major accident repairs. IO couldn't have been more surprised at the outcome.
The "scratch" job is done, the colour match is perfect, and the whole lot cost only £150 including VAT.
These folk also had a proper panelbeater, who removed the dent in the filler cap cover with hand tools and without recourse to any dismantling at all. There is no evidence now that any damage existed.
My advice would be to ask around before shelling out on rather more expensive repairs than are claimed by this obviously rather self-opinionated franchise.


Agree with other reviewer friom Bracknell!

The small Opticians I dealt with for many years succumbed, presumably to the supermarket-style outlets.
So I had my ageing eyes tested about six months ago at Vision Express.
The test seemed rather simplified to others I have previously had.
I was relieved of nearly £400 in this instance for new glasses.
Later I called in to ask for them to re-glaze my old glasses with the same prescription, but in clear not tinted type. I find clear glazing better for night driving, particularly and in some other instances, such as fishing, when I simply use polarising "clip-on" lenses over them.
I had already paid what I thought was a premium price for the originals, and was quoted well over £150 for this service.
The rather stuffy member of Staff that was dealing with me appeared to me to think she was doing me some kind of favour by seeing me at all, proclaiming that this was "reasonable", and that I knew nothing about glasses*. Her "customer skills", if they can be called that certainly scored a zero in my book!
*Unfortunately for her, I do - I worked briefly for an Opthalmic company, and a lot of what she said simply wasn't true, and theirs are no better than those supplied by most other outlets of this kind.
I then visited another company nearby, and the very polite and a friendly young lady that served me advised that it would be far cheaper to simply buy a new frame, and have their"budget" lenses. This was all for a little more than £90.
I went ahead with this offer, and to be be truthful these are actually better than the ones Vision Express supplied at £400!
Incidentally, anyone visiting the Horsham Branch would be well advised to wear a gas mask unless they have a strong stomach - on both occasions the shop had a pervading smell of sewage or drains.
I could not recommend this company to anyone who expects
reasonable prices, and certainly no customer service worth speaking of - my advice would be to look elswhere!
They recently had the cheek to send a reminder for a sight test - which I have absolutely no intention of taking up, even if it means going to another town!



Early in October I bought an Epson Printer from this Company as mine was getting old and not "behaving properly" any more.
It had given superb service for years, hence I opted for Epson again.
I could not find the model to replace it that I wanted locally, and against my normal practice bought one sight unseen from them.
To be fair delivery was prompt, as promised, and it wasa little cheaper than some retail stores........or so it appeared at first!!
I waited for my normal Service Engineer to install it when he came to do some other work for me a few days ago.
From word go it would not print black, indeed the cartridge check indicated that the black one was at best three quarters full at fitment.
An e-Mail to the company elicited a response, but everything suggested had already been tried to no avail.
A follow-up asking for any other advice brought no further reply.
* It is interesting to note that at delivery the box looked as though it had been opened and re-sealed, and moreover the "compatible" cartridges supplied were NOT genuine ones, and comparison with the genuine ones subsequently they seem to be rather poor copies - even the container is a simplified design, and they don't "click" when installed as they're supposed to.
A number of places I asked assure me that Epson only supply their own with new printers, and, of course, recommend their use. For good reason, as it transpired.
Before contacting Epson for further assistance, on the advice of the engineer I then went to a local retail outlet and purchased a pack of genuine Epson cartridges.
The problem was solved at a stroke once these were installed.
This experience has reinforced my not buying "cheap" or unseen from distance - it's actually cost me quite a lot more than if I had travelled to a less local retail outlet in the first place, and the inconvenience of being unable to use it for several days whilst trying to sort things out.
Luckily the old printer soldiered on in the meantime.
It's also seems rather odd, too, that a set of genuine cartridges for the printer are available from this company.
My lesson is learned, (I should have known better anyway!), and in future I'll certainly continue with my usual policy of buying only genuine articles for anything, preferably from a local retail outlet - especially printer inks! Even if they are (appear!) slightly more expensive in the first instance.
Buy cheap - buy twice - with the chance they may not work, as in this case, or worse still harm the machine, and then in all likelyhood invalidate the guarantee.
Sadly, I have not experienced the good service others appear to have dealing with this Company.


Bold advertising, hopeless service.

Staff attitude is great, but their product knowledge and investigative powers are dreadful. I thought this may apply to only one isolated branch, but others have told me similar stories of others.
It took two weeks and several visits to finally discover the goods I wanted were no longer obtainable, only for them to then give a 'phone number of a company who would modify the equipment to fit the old machine.
Much important work has been delayed all for the want of a little investigation.
Cannot reccommend them, and wife's firm is not using them again hearing of these problems. They have suffered similar ones before.


> Good value and quality for the price - you gets what yer pays for!!
> Total absence of packaging caused the carrier to damage the first one sent in transit.
> Predrilled holes would be helpful, but hardly a great engineering problem!
> Not delivered on the day specified, and a whole day taken off work wasted waiting in, with no comms from carrier about this.
(The supplier thought the carrier had delivered).
Company did not reply to an e-mail sent about this, but cheerfully dealt with the problem when wife 'phoned to enquire as to it's whereabouts and promptly despatched another.

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