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National Tyres and Autocare

Best Value and First Class Service

I was delighted on two previous occasions with the service I received from National, once for a set of tyres for my own car and once for help with an exhaust repair. They were helpful beyond the call of duty. Now having trawled the internet for price comparison for a set of tyres for my wife's car I find that they are more competitive than other firms that claim they can't be beaten. I don't think I'm going to waste my time shopping around in future.

Battery Force

Don't waste time looking elsewhere

Everything perfect, from the ease of ordering (a very helpful website), highly competitive prices, an amazing stock, excellent communication from start to finish, and very fast delivery with goods beautifully packed. I won't be going anywhere else for my battery requirements in the future.

Howard C.


No Problems Here

Courier services differ enormously depending upon where you live. If you feel so inclined you can find 'worst courier' ratings for any firm you wish, just by Googling the words of your choice. I have involuntarily used Yodel numerous times over the last few months (as so many mail order firms use them) and I have to be fair and say that they have on every occasion provided a completely efficient service, and their drivers have been courteous and helpful.

I know I am lucky with couriers where I live, but I think it worth saying that on the rare occasion that there has been a problem with any firm, just treating the local branch staff with a little courtesy and respect has always produced the desired result.


Still Loyal

I don't know why people go elsewhere, lured by deals that are never what they claim. BT has its faults but I am tired of hearing people moan because they have found a cheaper deal that has backfired. BT has invested billions on the equipment that others use to undercut them, so it is no surprise that BT will look after its own customers as a priority if there is a fault. In fact, in more than forty years as a BT phone subscriber I have never actually had a fault, and on their broadband very little has ever gone wrong. Each year they offer me a good deal for staying with them. It will take a lot to make me desert BT.


Very Few Problems

I must have been using Yahoo Mail for about ten years now. I have never been tempted to change as I can't imagine how any provider could be much more reliable. I would say, however, that it is worth paying the $19.99 per annum for the Mail Plus. People who expect everything for nothing do seem to make excessive demands at times. The new format is very clean and user-friendly.



I have never encountered a worse search engine. I think it must hold the record for the highest number of irrelevancies in search results. At times it is a joke.


Light Years Ahead

I am no fan of supermarkets, far preferring specialist butchers, fishmongers, greengrocers, etc. Some of the best known I find positively seedy. But Waitrose has done a terrific job in supplying very high quality produce at prices which, for their quality, are actually very fair. Their stores are clean and well laid out and the whole shopping experience is about as good as it could be for this type of shop. Their reward vouchers are also great to receive.


A Fun and Easy Way to Bet

There is something addictive about the process of using Betfair. You feel so in control with the console in front of you. You can also get some very good prices, but you have to be careful to take their commission into account, and also look at one of the sites like oddschecker to ensure that better prices are not available elsewhere, which they frequently are in spite of what Betfair might like you to believe. The process of depositing and withdrawing funds is as easy as with any company.


The Best to Your Door

I don't consider myself an online shopper for groceries but it is convenient to have a dozen wines and heavy cans of dog food delivered to the door, and there is the whole excellent range of Waitrose products to choose from. I find them incredibly reliable and efficient and would give them 5 stars, but you can get Waitrose to deliver the same stuff for free. Ocado used to have a fair choice of free slots but these are becoming less frequent.

Great Value

I spent a lot of time researching the cheapest source of some rather expensive supplements. These people came out way on top. With lowest prices guaranteed on an unbeatable range and with free P&P there is no real need to look elsewhere.


Remarkable Efficiency

I have used all the well known couriers over the years, and have had a variety of experiences. A few months ago I had to send a £10,500 piece of delicate electronic equipment for service by its manufacturer in Germany. I asked the firm which courier they used and they told me that they had been having very good experiences with DPD. I sent the item by DPD and received it back through them. Both experiences were so excellent that I have decided to adopt them as my regular choice of courier. All my later experiences have been just as good, and I particularly love the 1-hour delivery slot which is notified to you by e-mail through their online tracking. This has been meticulously adhered to. I didn't think such efficiency existed in the courier world.

Appliances Direct

Biggest and Best

As a canny buyer I have come to realise what huge savings can be made by buying online but there is always the worry of inefficiency and poor after-sales service. I would always use appliancesdirect in future as a first choice as their range and their prices are unbeatable and the whole buying experience is very smooth and simple. The delivery process is reliable too.


Amazing Service

I can't believe the efficiency of this service, and the savings that can be made. I run a small home business and whenever I want to send a parcel of anything bigger than small packet size I use parcel2go. In the last year alone I have saved a small fortune and really enjoy planning my deliveries through their very user-friendly website.


Top Marks

Cannot be beaten on:-

Ease of use...........

I could go on, but will just say, they're as good as it gets.

Why Pay More?

I'm not a huge user of printer cartridges but as I have a small home business I do need to keep costs of consumables as low as possible without compromising quality. I must say the results from any cartridges I have bought from printerinks have been every bit as good as the original article, and this has been the case on a number of different printers over the years.

CO Operative

A Savoury Experience

One can feel rather good about dealing with these people. I do, because they share my principles. In a very cut-throat market they are doing their bit to serve the average public rather than using subtle tricks to rip them off.

John Lewis

If You Really Want the Best...

I have been a loyal customer of John Lewis (and Waitrose) for many years and have great respect for their values. They are the complete antithesis of certain other companies who place quality and service at a very low level of priority. Money can be saved by buying online, but there are times when dealing with a company like this which honours its promises and gives superb after-sales service every time makes it worth the extra expense. And in any case, they do guarantee the best high street price on any item they stock.

City Link

Sometimes Works

The internet is bursting with bad reviews about this company, and I must admit that on a number of occasions I have sworn never again to deal with companies who use them. However, a lot seems to depend on your local depot and your regular driver - if there is such a person. Now that our area has the same driver all the time all is well for the moment, but in previous years we had some terrible experiences. I certainly won't choose them if I am sending a parcel.


Top Value

It's not really worth looking further than eurobatteries for everyday battery needs. Their website is easy to use and very informative and their prices are as good as it gets. Add to this complete efficiency and next day delivery - what more could you ask?


O.K. Product, but is it worth the hassle?

I have used this company in the past for a lot of business card and letterhead printing as well as brochures but have ceased to do so as my e-mail inbox was perpetually bombarded by their messages. If you are not careful you could also unwittingly sign up to membership of some stupid scheme which will rob your credit card on a monthly basis until you notice it. Luckily I didn't fall for that one but if you decide to give them a try do look out for the very small print and don't agree to any trial offers.


The Best Mobile Service Provider

One hears so many tales of woe from mobile phone users. Having had bad experiences with another major provider I moved to Orange soon after they came into being. I have had few problems, but on the rare occasions that I have had to contact customer service they have always dealt with my issue effectively and efficiently. Their staff have never failed to be courteous and friendly. Long may it continue.


Unbeatable Value

At a time when all prices are constantly rising how refreshing to have a source such as this where you can be sure of a fantastic bargain every time. I have saved hundreds of pounds on books and music alone, buying items which I would not have considered at their full price. Add to this expensive household items and the savings are immense, and the icing on the cake is, for me, home delivery.


Exceptional Service and Value

I spent a considerable amount of time researching a good source of a stand-alone tuner/amplifier. As it was just for a garden office I didn't want to spend top end hi-fi prices, but at the same time I wanted really good sound quality. With Hifi-Tower I was spoiled for choice. Not only am I delighted with the quality and value of the item they supplied, but their attention to detail and customer service was equivalent to, or even better than many of the 'elite' dealers.

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